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The Big Bang Theory - Is It the Right Theory?

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Marissa Eggert

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of The Big Bang Theory - Is It the Right Theory?

The Big Bang [Theory] is it the right theory? By: Marissa Eggert
A4 Science 5-2-11 • Before the Big Bang, the universe was in a hot, dense state

• It made a "big bang"

• The "bang" expanded everything we know today across the universe

• The Big Bang created the universe [14 billlion yrs ago] The theory you all know and love, The Big Bang
Theory, says: But what about the holes in The Big Bang theory? Holes? Cosmic inflation The universe expanded at least 10 of its original size in 10 second 25 -30 -gravity We're the lucky the ones - Only a SMALL percentage states that the
universe would result the way it did Do we need it? What Inflation Did Time Big Bang Today Inflationary era Inflationary energy Inflationary Energy • needs gravity to expand the universe

• gravity must reppel, not attract

• energy must be highly dense, and remain constant High Low Strength of Inflation Field Low High Energy Density of Inflation Field Plateau (inflation) Valley (end of inflation) Today Potential energy curve~ Basically... The equations for inflation energy are
similar to those of a ball rolling
down a hill of the same shape. But why does it matter? • Inflation's potential energy can cause the universe to expand at an exellerated rate • In the process, inflation energy can smooth and flatten the universe • When inflation ends, the energy used to create it, converts (Dark matter, hot ordinary matter, and radiation) • Inflation smoothes the universe, like stretching a cloth to smooth out the wrinkles • Inflation is not perfect, but thats good Imperfections = Fluctuations • Fluctuations were all over the universe • Cause: Quantum physics Dictates: A field does not have the same strength everywhere, undergoes random fluctations • Effect: Fluctuations caused the formation of stars
and galaxies Scientifically speaking, no. Quite astonishing~ What
Roger Penrose discovered: We had a WAY better chance of obataining a flat universe without inflation + PLUS~ If You Were Able to Keep Up... • Everything I've told you about the Big Bang theory is SO improbable! We're most likely to have come to our current state WITHOUT inflation • The energy and gravity needed for inflation is out of proportion • The Big Bang theory is based on a naive understanding of inflation How We Failed... http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=inflation-creates-infinity-universes • Scientists have good faith in the inflation theory, so they try to
create new theories that solve their problems • Scientists have also come up with completely different theories than
inflation • These theories suggest a huge range of explanations for our universe A New Theory? Cyclic Theory • After however many trillion years, universe will contract and
start all over again Problem! • Suggests that the Big Bang is just a "bounce" • Inflation in cyclic theory is 'backwards' • But it's new REFERENCES: Steinhardt, P. J. (2011, April). The inflation debate.
Scientific American, 304(4), 96. (2011). How Cosmic Inflation Creates an Infinity of
Universes [Video] [Web]. Available from uestions? Brumla. (Artist). (2010). Big bang widescreen wallpapers. In this presentation, you will learn about the Big Bang Theory, how it was caused and what it needed for it to happen. But is it the right theory of how our universe started? While learning about the Big Bang Theory, I will tell you of how the theory promotes controversy on its liability. All the information on what the Big Bang is, is necessary in order to understand what is wrong with our current understanding of how the universe started. Following, I will also talk vaguely about a few of the various other theories on how the universe came to be. Abstract http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=inflation-creates-infinity-universes [Web]. Retrieved from
wallpapers-wallpaper Time Possible initial states States that lead to a
uniform, flat universe Without
inflation With
inflation inflationary era Position Statement I believe that the Big Bang Theory has quite a few flaws. These flaws need to be fixed or excluded or we have to change the the Big Bang Theory in its entirety. With humans' continuous search for answers, the theory on which our universe was begun needs to be fixed in order to prevent any more controversy. Without a sure idea on how we began, and a more practical idea, then people are going to argue. Q
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