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Geothermal energy, 3ºESO

No description

Raquel Martinez Quiroga

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Geothermal energy, 3ºESO

Geothermal energy is a
energy obtained from the earth's interior. Then it is used as hot water or transformed into electricity and many other things.
Geothermal energy in Spain
Raw Materials.
Extraction and uses.
World map.
Advantages and disadvantages.
Raw materials
Geothermal energy needs the thermal energy in the Earth´s interior (heat) which is a renewable source obtained from volcanoes, geysers, ...


Advantages and disadvantages

It is a renewable source.
Extraction and uses
The Earth releases it's internal heat through volcanoes and oceanic ridges.

To transform this internal heat into light for our homes we need some basic elements.
We already have our heat source, now we need an aquifer, water and a seal.
It is a hot rock that lets water pass through it.
Natural underground sources.
Heat source
It maintains hot water caught up.
Extraction and uses
Geothermal reservoir.
Collects this hot water and then is used as heat at homes, in aquaculture, ... as well as electric energy thanks to turbines.
So now you know how this type of heat is transformed...
into this type of heat.
There are two basic types of uses:

Direct use:

Indirect use:
It is cheap.
It does not pollute.
It creates jobs and economic benefits.
It reduces the dependence of fossil fuels.
It isn´t a widespread source of energy.
It has high installation costs.
Geothermal sites can run out of steam over a period of time due to drop in temperature.
May release harmful gases.
It cannot be easily transported .
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