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Darwin rough draft

this is a rough draft

carlie martin

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Darwin rough draft

Darwin Report Article 1 Darwin journeyed to the 13 Galapagos islands. There he found finches. Then, on a different Galapagos island, he found another finch, but it was a different species. This made him think, " how can there be different species, in the same area of islands?" Then he went to every island and collected these finches and brought them back to where he lived to study them further. Article 2 Natural Selection.

Natural selection basically tells how animals or organism's that are more adapted to their enviornment will survive better. Overproduction is an example of natural selection. Overproduction is when two organism's well suited for their enviornment, reproduce alot. Competition is another example. Competition is when two or more groups of organisms fight for the resources of the area they are in. Hidden in the D... TELEPORT! Article 3
Evidence of Evolution

Darwin's theory wasn't just "these animals all
look different because of evolution" and not everyone believed him. There was evidence. One piece of evidence is that finches had different beaks. Another could be that certain animals had certain adaptations. Also, organisms were smaller than they used to be, such as the sloth. You can tell that evolution happened on the Galapagos Islands because of these pieces of evidence. Another thing that could explain this is all the fossil's that were found on these islands.
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I believe the fact of Evolution is correct to me. How else would the species of animals gotten there? Their own personal ferry? I think not. They were evolved from a previous specie that lived ages ago. Take the Sloth for example. It used to be huge, hence the name "Giant Sloth". But due to evolution,
it is now miniature compared to what it used to be.I think the theory is 100% correct. Darwin's Discovery and Voyage
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