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9/4: Health & Wellness

No description

Katie Morin

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of 9/4: Health & Wellness

Wrap up AGENDA:
Health & Wellness
Wrap up Tuesday, October 30 Bellwork:
What does good health include? Health- A combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being What is Health? Physical Health-
involves the condition of your body Mental/Emotional Health:
Mental Health- ability to solve problems and handle daily events in your life
Emotional Health- involves feelings Social Health- How you relate to people at home, school, and everywhere else Health Triangle Physical Mental/
Emotional Social What is Wellness? Wellness-
State of well-being of balanced health over a longer period of time Wellness VS Health Wellness=longer period of time
Health=in constant change
Each group draws a Health Triangle
& illustrates it with pictures of
what it entails

Each part of the triangle should
have at least 5 pictures Health Triangle Posters *Try not to use words What is Stress? Stress management Sleep Health Diet Hygiene Avoid using alcohol, tobacco, and drugs Wear seat belt Doctor check-ups Under strengths & weaknesses Express feelings in healthy manner Accept helpful feedback Take responsibility for actions Respect others Be a good listener Be dependable
and truthful Support friends & family members How can I manage it? Stress- the body's response to real or imagined dangers and other life events Activity: Word Search Have 2 minutes to find all of the words for 30 points ...identifying sources of stress and learning how to handle them in ways that promote good mental/emotional health Tomorrow --> Stress and Risks No homework :) Components of Health Triangle Tell me one healthy behavior you can change to better that part of the triangle
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