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Round 5 Warm-ups

No description

Rose Parsons

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Round 5 Warm-ups

Round 5 Warm-ups
November 10-20, 2015
1. Find an article related to what we discussed in class or on any of the recent world events that occurred this past week.
2. Briefly choose 3 things that stood out for you from the article and give me your reaction to each one.
3. Write a paragraph explaining how you think it will affect the rest of the world and what the importance of it all is.
4. Share your article with me and one of your parents/guardians.

Warm-up #2, Round 5
What event happened last Friday that affected the entire world? Why do you think such tragedies occur?
Warm-up #1, Round 5
Fishbowl 7
Academic Language Focus
1. You did an effective job of stating...

2. What I intended to say was...

3. I think the target audience for "Serial" could be... because...

4. In other words, you have observed that...
Fishbowl 7
Guiding Questions
1. Do you think the 2:36 call was from Adnan? If so, where was he? What was he doing?

2. What are the most important parts of Jay’s story in the case against Adnan?

3. How important are cell phone records in this case? Do you think they should be used in court?

4. Target audience: How does Koenig appeal to adults? How appealing is this to teens? Other than turning this into a video, what changes would you make to have this be more appealing to teens?

5. Do you think Adnan got a fair trial? Do you think the outcome of his new trial will be different?

6. What are the biggest weaknesses in the state’s case against Adnan?
Define what it means to have a "target audience." What is the intent of some commercials you have viewed in the past? Who was the audience they were trying to target?
Warm-up #3, Round 5
Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Racial profiling: What are the root/base words for these two words? What does racial profiling mean? Why do you think racial profiling exists?
Write the following in layman's terms:
"Racial profiling" at its core concerns the invidious use of race or ethnicity as a criterion in conducting stops, searches and other law enforcement investigative procedures. It is premised on the erroneous assumption that any particular individual of one race or ethnicity is more likely to engage in misconduct than any particular individual of another race or ethnicity.
Warm-up #3, Round 5
Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Warm-up #4, Round 5
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Poetic justice: What do you think this means? Use it in a sentence. How is it related to Serial and the recent world events that have occurred?
Warm-up #5, Round 5
Monday, November 30, 2015
Define the following word:

Give me an example of a topic for an argumentative essay and a counterargument for it.
Warm-up #6, Round 5
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Define a thesis. Why is it important to have one when writing any type of essay?
Argumentative Essay Information

1. DUE DATE: December 11, 2015
*Late papers will be deducted one letter grade for each day late.
2. Total Points: 60
3. Font size: 12; Font type: Comic Sans
4. Number of paragraphs: 6 (minimum of 5 sentences per paragraph)

Warm-up #7, Round 5
Happy Friday!
December 4, 2015
Why do you think people in general have addictions? What are the different kinds of addictions out there? Do you think we are innately born with them or they are something that develops because of social interactions?
Exit ticket #1
Name one thing you have always wanted to know regarding anything English related?
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