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Argumentative: Militarism

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Tyler van Noord

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Argumentative: Militarism

Argumentative: Militarism
A world practise
What is Militarism? Militarism is where a nation or people suggest a nation uses its military aggressively to enforce its beliefs or customs. Every nation in history, from the Third Reich to Rome, from the British Empire to the United States, from North Korea to Israel, militarism has been in the world since the dawn of civilisation. Militarism is good for the benefit of the world and its nations. Even though North Korea might be at large for manpower as a threat, we can push them back with militarism.
Why support militarism? You should support militarism because if there weren’t any militarist nations, no one could end a war. An article called ‘The Global Scale of Militarism at “World Socialist Web Site”, suggests that US Militarism is now a global scale. Meaning that with US Military Bases worldwide, we can defend other nations so they can relieve themselves of a threat. In the WSWS article, states that earlier 2014, President Barack Obama sent a formal letter to John Boehner about deployment, previous or present, of US soldiers. It also explains about keeping U.S bases globally around the world to protect those areas. An example the US cares a lot about maintaining their militarist profile. A militarist nation is strong enough to pose as a threat to either side of a war, making them stop. Militarism also protects nations that are smaller and peaceful like Iceland and northern European nations like Sweden and Norway. Militarism means order is easier to keep and criminal rates would presumably die. Taxes that are put toward upkeep and funding the military mean that a nation will be better at defending itself, and fighting at wars. Israel, which is the homeland of Jews, and a sacred land to Jews, Catholics, and Muslims, is under constant threat in the Middle East. Thanks to their militarism, they can handle themselves much more easily than when they were not. Support militarism because militarist nations are what even the playing board.
First Argument
What makes militarism stand out? Unlike capitalism, that supports in bringing in more money, and unlike communism, which is like a higher level of dictating, militarism is what caused the success of so many empires. At “War-Time.org,” the first paragraph in an article is titled “Militarism is the backbone of Empire.” The second paragraph applies the success America has faced from militarism: “A lot has changed since those earlier colonial days. With the historic gains of the independence movements in the post-World War II period, such direct military power grabs are more difficult to orchestrate and come with higher costs – as both France and the United States discovered in Vietnam. In fact, since Vietnam the United States has generally found it less costly to maintain its empire through a combination of “free” trade and aid agreements, proxy wars, and support for friendly elites in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These measures have the added advantage of being less visible on the world stage than naval destroyers. This new reality was confirmed yet again when recent efforts to undo the “Vietnam syndrome” in Afghanistan and Iraq simply reinforced the popular desire to avoid armed conflict.” This suggests that success comes from militarism. After the end of WWII, many post-colonial countries in Asia becoming their own nations chose militarism as their route of safety to remain independent. The more soldiers that defend the nation, the stronger they will get to becoming first world. How this works is that the stronger a nation becomes in being a threat, the more nations will lay off, and the nation can produce its products in ease. This increases their economy, their, strength, and their overall state of health and power. Nations like Thailand are poor, and they are unable to survive without defence. Militarism is what protects Thailand, and what makes them stronger in their heart. Militarism protects nations incapable of defending themselves.
Second Argument
How is militarism making its return? Militarism is popular throughout the world as a system of way to power. Examples are: The United States, Israel, Thailand, North Korea, the British Empire, Pakistan, Burma, Nigeria, Liberia, the Roman Empire, the Third Reich, and Uganda. According to WSWS.com, the revival of German Militarism is still going to occur today. “One year ago today German President Joachim Gauck announced that Germany once again is striving to be a world power,” according to WSWS. Also at WSWS, they have records that to bring back this militarism, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Frank Walter are following in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler and Wilhelm II, militarism wise. These suggest that they may not have the largest army, but they enforce, (or enforced) to have it. With Militarism, these nations have the ability to protect and take control easily over other nations. Songun, the Army First influence on North Korea, a nation judged to be poverty-stricken and a land of sorrow, has the world’s largest army, with all of its members trained to be elite. North Korea is the world’s super power regarding manpower in military. They are a constant threat to South Korea- Artillery that can manoeuvre to different positions quickly, tunnels leading straight to South Korea, and soldiers that can swim for miles without being tired. You should enforce militarism so we can be safer from threats like North Korea.
Third Argument
A word of the Anti-Militarist
What is a con about Militarism? Militarism is sometimes used for evil or bad purposes. Adolf Hitler’s popular influence of Militarism and Socialism is what gained him his propaganda and influence for anti-Semitism. North Korea also uses their militarism as an attempt against the world. If they are able to claim South Korea, they can take a foothold in Asia. According to Asian Correspondent.com, Thailand, who continues to use militarism, ends up almost like a dictatorship in a democracy. Educational standards are extremely strict, along with the dress code. Asian Correspondent considers Thailand’s education system as “archaic and militaristic.” In the Thai dress code, girls are restricted to a certain hair length and style, as well for boys. Dirty fingernails count in the dress code. In some schools that though they exclude dress code, involve strict punishments like being beaten with a bamboo rod, or smashing a phone if it is used in class. Even though these things sound inhumane, they can change. Young Thai men are also commonly influenced by militaristic propaganda. Militarism is used primarily for good, but some use it for evil.
In conclusion, militarism is the motive for war and peace, for good and evil, and generally fits in with all practises like Communism, Democracy, Dictatorship, Nationalism, Socialism and Capitalism. Militarism, if you forgot from earlier, is the belief of a people or government that a nation should enforce the use of its military aggressively to protect its practises or motives. Militarism fits in and has caused many advantages. The success of Japan and Germany, even though their primary objectives led to their downfall. If militarism is used properly, we can all live happily.
1 Pro http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Militarism
2 Con http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songun
3 Pro http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/01/03/mili-j03.html Global Scale of Militarism
4 Pro http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/10/03/pers-o03.html Revival of German Militarism
5 Pro and Con: After World War II, militarism appeared in many of the post-colonial nations of Asia (i.e. North Korea, Pakistan, Burma and Thailand) and Africa (i.e. Liberia, Nigeria and Uganda).
6 Con http://asiancorrespondent.com/108457/the-fight-against-thailands-archaic-and-militaristic-education-system/

By TylerThanat van Noord Pathompongpairoch Adams Robertson
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