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Sports and their impact on the environment.

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austin s

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Sports and their impact on the environment.

Sports and their impact on the environment.
Sports and the environment?
Yes. Professional sports are a huge business and like many types of business, chain reactions can lead to affecting the environment.
While many stadiums/arenas are pushing to be more efficient there are still issues including:
Moving Players
In most modern sports we have away and home games, this means players flying across the country almost nightly. This leads to Alot of pollution from jets, and buses.
For a championship game in any sport usually a minimum of 20,000 people attend.
NASCAR vehicles have non EPA regulated engines

Massive amounts of electricity
Energy needed for heating/cooling
20,000 people all taking separate cars to one event can leave a huge ecological footprint
The average NASCAR vehicle gets 5 MPG
In a NASCAR race weekend one event can put out 120,000 lbs of Carbon Dioxide
We leave a lot behind after attending a game.
A crowd of 2000o thousand consumes 5000 different in game snacks.
This same crowd will have around, 2000 drinks.
Many leagues are starting green initiatives including the NBA, and NHL
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