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Haile Middle School Engineering Tyler D

No description

Tyler D

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Tyler D

Engineering Dragster The dragster is a car powered by a co2 cartridge Spring The spring was a fun project to get our solidworks licenses How to make a pb&j sandwhich 1) You collect peanut butter,jelly,and bread 2) Open the jar of peanut butter 3) Take out a knife and spread the peanut butter on the one slice of bread 4) take a new knife out and spread jelly over the peanut butter 5) put your two slices of bread together 6) take out a plate and set the sandwich on the plate Over the weekend I went to my dad's Deli called Kelsey's deli. He is the owner and he is a chef. I experienced what it is like to be a chef. He lets me help cook and other things that chef do. A couple EMS men came in for lunch and i experienced how they help people when i served there food. CTE in action Lets go design This short clip talked about how they make every part in solid works. They made a modified stroller. It had wheels and i looked just like a go kart. Exam Part This is the exam part. It was our exam for Engineering Tech class. Job Resume A gusset plate is a steel plate that connects steel beams together on bridges. Gusset Plates An abutment supports the end of a bridge. Abutment Tension is what happens when compression
pushes the bridge down. Tension A truss is a type of support beam Truss Compression pushes the bridge down Compression This is what all the parts look like in the robots head. This robots head is made out of 10 parts. his head has a microphone and speakers for it to hear and reply to you. Robot's head Civil engineer civil engineers today are the forefront of tecnology today. civil engineering is about comunity service. Civil engineers are Problem solvers. They try to help get rid of pollution. They make our drinking water safe and drinkable. To be a civil engineer you need a lot of math skill and a lot of science skill. that is all the basic details of being a civil engineer. The x-axis is a direction for a sketch in solidworks. The y-axis is another one of the directions in a sketch. Lastly the z-axis is the last direction of a sketch. Engineers use these so they can sketch and design parts and models. Even math uses the x and y axis for graphing. The x-axis goes horizontally. The y-axis goes vertically. The x y and z axis are very important to use when making a sketch. It evens your parts up. Portfolio 9-19-12 If 2.5 gallons of water weighs 20.8 pounds, what is the weight of water an average water tower holds? 5 gallons PREZI POST 9/19/12 Our groups robot has improved a lot. It couldn't work the first week but it improved and now its a great robot. It has improved a lot we have it driving perfectly now we have to work on our claw. Prezi Post 10-26-12 wooden bats are easier to hit the ball for many reasons. They are heavier and can get the ball further the aluminum. The aluminum bats are more for little league teams and college. The Major leauge uses mostly wooden for durability. Conduct some research and explain the phenomenom known as 'elastic collisions'" in regards to comparing wooden bats to alumnimun bats Pumpkin This is my pumpkin Prezi Post 11-6-12 How do wind tunnels simulate flight? Wind tunnels simulate flight by simulating the wind on your creation in solid works. You use flow simulation to see the aerodynamics of how your creation flows. Then you would put your creation in to the wind tunnel to test it out. In the wind tunnel a giant fan blows air on your creation to see the aerodynamics of how your creation flows with the wind or any substance you put in like water. It shows you where the wind grasps your creation you made. Wind tunnels aren't just for your solid works creation. Nasa uses wind tunnels for there space flights. They use it to see if the shuttle could make it to space. Airplanes are another thing they use wind tunnels to see if the plane can fly through the air. Wind tunnels are used a lot in our world for many reasons like safety so that the product works. Prezi Post 11-13-12 How many different measuring tools did he used?
If you were offered a SW job w/Soulcraft, What elements of design would you work on? I counted 12 measuring tools that he used. If I was offered a soulcraft job i would design the frame of the bicycle for quicker production. I think thats the most fun part of the job. Table This is a table I designed in Solid works. It took me a couple of days to create it. Im currently making a drawing of my table with the four different types of views. Those are front, right, isometric, and top. Table Drawing This drawing was sketched of of my table. I have made this drawing all four views right, top, isometric, and front. Prezi post 11/30/12 The lowest paying solid works job was a solid works drawer. It pays about 12 to 15 dollars. The highest paying solidworks job is an enterprise account manager it pays 200,000 to 250,000. The drawer draws in solid works everything the designer makes. The account manager makes helpful products for offices. Survey Prezi post 12/14/12 Describe what CNC manufacturing is, and how it is a benefit to the workforce? CNC manufacturing Robot base This is the robot base we made before we completed our VEX robot for our school project Project 1 quarter 3 My project 1 for quarter 3 was the rocket i made. I Project 1 For project 1 I made a table. It took me about 3 weeks to completely finish the table. Project 2 For project 2 I made a rocket. The rocket was one of my favorite projects i did. it was fun to create and overall i liked it the most. I was in the process of assemballing. Project 3 For project 3 I made the speedway racecar. 4th quarter project For my 4th quarter project I designed a hockey play board. A hockey play board helps you and the coaches design plays for the next shift. I will use this when I coach the little league hockey team. It is a great tool to teach the kids how to play tough and positional hockey. This is the drawing of my hockey clipboard. In the drawing I have all the circles and lines I need. I have the center line and the two blue side lines. I also have the four faceoff circles, the four offside circles, and the center ice circle. Lastly there is the two goal lines and the goals. I put all of the dimensions This is the clipboard in Corel Draw. I edited the trace bitmap to make the edges smoother. Also to have less pixelation on the board.
Corel Draw helps make your thing easy to make in real life. Julie is Amazing!!!
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