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Progress Coordinator

No description

R Appleton

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Progress Coordinator

"We owe it to all our young people to ensure they are given the chance to succeed" Progress Co-ordinator First Steps Mid term strategies Longer term initiatives Analysis of data

Reviews with departments

Creating Awareness Transition process

Summer school

Parental engagement Mentoring

Attendance and behaviour


Aspirational/ cultural experiences West Hill School Progress at West Hill We have: Lots of data -

Time for analysis -


Support Questions.... Why? HMI Chief Inspector, Foreword Ofsted case study of school's use of Pupil Premium 2013 Resources - Pupil Premium


Accountability In broad terms the Progress Coordinator must.... Check




Adapt Analysis Communication Collaboration Evaluation Adaptation How will we get there? Success Criteria? Attainment data

'Narrowing of the gap'

Behaviour data

'More engagement'

SEF Judgements

'Improving trends' Is data used to ensure that the most vulnerable boys are targeted for intervention? Is the intervention working? Are we checking if it is working consistently? Is the approach to intervention consistent? Is Pupil Premium money having an impact? Year 7 English: 64% boys making expected progress (1 sub level or more) Year 8 Maths: 67% of boys making expected progress (2 sub levels or more) Ofsted Benchmarks:
Grade 3= 70-80% - Adequate
Grade 4 = below 70% - Inadequate Bi-annual data, Pupil Premium Boys - Feb 2013 Questions??? Year 7 English intervention 40% of pupil premium boys in year 7 have made no progress since Sept

15% of pupil premium boys in year 7 have had English intervention

25 boys have had English intervention

5 of which were pupil premium

Recent data tells us that 11 pupil premium boys have not made progress and have not had intervention Data suggests that:
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