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How to create a prezi

No description

Nina Marie Demapan

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of How to create a prezi

Why Prezi?
Step 1
Step 3
Step 2
The cool way to present!
What's Prezi?
Prezi is a cloud-based software used to
create presentations.
1. Its free.
2. You don't have to download the program.
3. Your presentations are available online.
4. Its easy to use.
5. It is totally cool and captivating.
6. Definitely a great way to impress your audience
Go to www.prezi.com and create an account! Don't
worry, no credit card information needed.
Create a new Prezi
Share it!
Cloud-based basically means the program is internet based. You do not need to download the program in your computer.
The video may show a different version, but the features and intructions are basically the same.
Get links to post on facebook, twiter, and etc...
Change your prezi privacy settings.
The cool way to present.
FYI: I'm using it now.
Need more help?
Tips on Layering and avoiding motion sickness:
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