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Augmented Reality: Connecting The Classroom

No description

Amy Thomas

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Augmented Reality: Connecting The Classroom

By: Dr. Raymond Pastore, Amy Thomas, Megan Smith, Stephanie Byerly, Kayla Furmanchin Augmented Reality: Connecting The Classroom Introduction Advantages Disadvantages Examples AR in the Classroom Future Implications Personal Usage

Combines world data with virtual data

Visual and highly Interactive

Creates the “Virtual Sphere”

Can increase knowledge and information

Games that provide an even more "real" experience

Can be Markerbased or Markerless
-Markerless applications have wider applicability since they function anywhere without the need for special labeling or supplemental reference points. Needs to become more simplified

Not used in all schools

Still unknown future

Effect on the young

Social vs. Solidarity

Lack of portability

Openness: Other people can develop their own layers of content to display

Can only work across one device (as of now)
First day Introductions

Digital Storytelling
-ZooBurst Program

AR Glasses
-Beneficial for students with disabilities Sports




Tourism Creating AR AR in the Classroom Letters Alive
-Alphabet & Animals
-6 different categories of activity sheets

FETCH! Lunch Rush
-Math skills to elementary students Still developing...

My personal experience

Apps Available:
-Build AR

QR CODES! What is AR?
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