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Parent Open House

No description

Natalie Graves

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Parent Open House

Welcome to Reader's and Writer's Workshop
Readers’ Workshop includes independent reading, small group instruction, book clubs, and read alouds. This model provides targeted instruction to whole group, small group, and individual students.
What is Readers’ Workshop?
"People read to get out of their room and into a world of imagination, to see the impossible and hear the unknown. We read to love some characters and to despise others. We read to become a new person and feel what they feel. This is why people around the globe read, to be more than an ordinary person, to be reborn into a fairytale."
- 6th Grade Rio Grande Student 2012-2013
Why Do People Read?
The purpose is for students to develop a love of reading and good literacy habits.
This model of instruction focuses on reading a variety of genres and helping students to understand themselves as readers.
Keys to Success
Independent Reading
Bring a book every day
Make sure your child is reading for at least 20 minutes 4 days a week outside of school.
Encourage your child to have a reading plan
Read an average of 200 pages last week
60 % of the class has finished at least 1 book
Period 7/8
Read an average of 170 pages last week
75 % of the class has finished at least 1 book
Period 3/4

Read an average of 200 pages last week
80 % of the class has finished at least 1 book
Period 1
9/2 - 9/17

Reading Stats
Incorporates vocabulary, spelling, and grammar, and proper conventions within the study of language and its uses.
Vocabulary focuses on Greek and Latin roots and words from literature
Word Study
Please call or email with any questions.: mcmahonn@glastonburyus.org


Website and Contact Information
Grading Policy
Writer’s Workshop

Reading Responses
Responding to literature before, during, and after reading
Writing about reading
A place to practice reading strategy use
A place to keep lists of books read and
post-it notes on daily reading
Reading Notebooks
Establishing Workshop Routine
Independent Reading
Social Awareness
Historical Fiction
Short Story
Units of Study

The most important information for you to know this year…
Why Do People Read?
"People read because it can change their perspective , and they can become a better person themselves...I believe that every book can teach you a lesson about life and it's always okay to have another 'hand' out there to help guide you in the right direction!"
-6th Grade Rio Grande Student 2014-2015
What is it?
The "workshop" approach to teaching writing to children holds that writing is a process with distinct phases and that all children, not just those with innate talent, can learn to write well.
Units of Study
Personal Narrative
Fictional Narrative
Literary Essay
Writer's Notebook
“A writer’s notebook is a blank book where a writer can engage in the fun, often messy job of being a writer – practicing, listening,
playing with language, gathering images and insights and ideas. The purpose of such a notebook is to nourish the writer… such a notebook is one of the most essential tools of the trade.”
- Ralph Fletcher, children's author
What is it?
Thank YOU!
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