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No description

Tabea Staubach

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of DUBAI

Tabea Staubach

3885 square kilometers
2.47 mil inhabitants
second largest emirate
85% of the total population of the state is living in Dubai city!
hot and humid
january 20°C
july over 40°C
less than 10 days rain per year
muslim city
dressed modesty
not allowed because of religious reasons
worse take place--> victim could get fine as well
The palm
2 years late
A sinking of 5 milimeters
"living on top of each other"
no circulation of water
traffic jams
residential + entertainment places
only Palm Jumeirah is finished
leases of 99 years --> full to acquire
foreign capital + investors are bounded

The palm
attractions & sights
The world/ Waterfront/ The universe

The world:
300 islands
Waterfront :
completely new district
The universe:
solar system
Now under constructions!
finished in 2020
initially frozen
Dubai Mall/ Ski Dubai/
Burj Khalifa
Shopping Mall
Ski Dubai
Burj Dubai -> Burj Khalifa
1 mil liters of water per DAY
36 megawatts of electricity
aquarium / ice rink
indoor ski
800 apartments, offices, hotel
waste of resources

Burj Al Arab
"only" 5 stars
located: Jumeirah Beach
202 rooms
650$ mil
Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International
6 terminals
6 runways
140 square kilometers ->(larger than kiel)
finished in 2020
Burj Al Arab / Dubai Airport
Dubai´s visitors

15.000.000 guests will be expected

Travel & Tourism
Business conferences
Cruise tourism
Shopping Festivals
Gulf & Food Exhibitions
Safari Sports
to meet demands of tourists
broaden the market of Dubai
up to 26% of total revenue from the tourism sector!
Types of tourists
burglaries have been increased
foreign workers mainly from Asia
Travel and tourism
Keep in mind: Arabian Country!
position of women is not like in western countries
strong and strict rules & rites
men allowed to have more than 1 wife
woman go to prison if she got raped-> not being loyal
locals will always win!
Arabian Country
fastest growing city of the world
no sewer -> feaces collected in septic tanks
no rules for constructions-> electricity consumption of 20 000 kw hours
not enough water -> thurst
tons of oil & gas required to make water
biggest energy waster
largest ecological footprint
"no time" for environmental protection & energy conservation
short-lived city life
citizens away from any ethical responsibility
World financial crisis
2009 Dubai financial crisis as well
investors from outside were missing
tourists were missing
stagnating of constructions
unfinished projects doesn´t bring income
no assurance of funding
Dubai now is deeply in dept!
And mass tourism does not help the system!
Deeply in dept!
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