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The Vienam War

No description

vicente suarez

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of The Vienam War

Vietnam's Flag Today
What was The Vienam War?
How crazy was the Vietnam?
The Vietnam war was one of the craziest war that every happens.
People would do anything to not get drafted into the war.
“mutilating them, starving or pretending to be gay.”
If you were drafted and didn't want to go into war you will be sentenced to jail.
But the war had so many deaths in the war.
About 1,450,000 deaths.

Primary Source #1
What happen During the war?
- The war began small when President Truman began sending money and troops to south Vietnam.
Then US leaders feared that if South Vietnam were to become communist states that many countries nearby would follow their path.
So they made a plan to make the South Vietnam government fight the North Vietnam government. This then began a gorilla warfare.
- During all the fighting for control, John F. Kennedy considers pulling Us advisers out of Vietnam.
But he was soon assassinated on November 22, 1963.
- Soon Lindo johnson began spending more money to South Vietnam, the US were spending over 1 million dollars a day supporting south Vietnam.
Video and Map
Priamry source #3
This final Source are interviews about what US troops thought about the war. But these soldiers talk about what they had witness and had to do to survive.
A letter
JFK to Ngo Dinh Diem
Primary source #2
Who was involved in the Vietnam War?
By. Vicente Suarez
~The South Vietnam and North Vietnam Where, the main One's involved in this war.
The South Vietnam Allies:
~The United States & The Philippines
~ Along with every Anit-Commission State
These States included
Great Britain, South Korea, Canada, West Germany, Iran, Thailand, and Spain.
~ TheNorth Vietnam Allies
~The Soviet Union & China
~Along With communists States
These States Included
Cuba, And North Korea
North Veitnam allies flag
South Vietnam allies flag
Oct - congress passed a Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. This allows the US to send troops into Vietnam.
The US was now involved in the war.
- Nixon was elected as president
- American troop began to leave Vietnam and Nixon resigned
- South Vietnam fell into communist and the remaining US troops began leaving Vietnam.

5. http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/vietnam/timeline.htm

The US marines on a tank
This shows people who groom the war was and what they have to use to attack.
This letter is from JKF to Ngo Dinh Diem
This letter is about how Kennedy asked to help South Vietnam because it can really help them keep their independence.
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