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The Drummer Boy of Shiloh

No description

Taylor Barbee

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of The Drummer Boy of Shiloh

The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh
the atmosphere of The Drummer boy of Shiloh is dark and sad
The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh is about a young boy named Joby. He is going to be the drummer for the Battle Of Shiloh. He is scared about the war so he was laying down Crying when the general comes over to talk to him . They talk about how there both scared to be in this fight. But the general gives Joby Confidence to lead them into the war. after the war there is over 23,000 solders is dead.
By: Ray Bradbury
The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh
By: Bradbury
Joby- Joby is a young boy that is scared to go to war but gains confidence
The General-the general is scared to go
to war but is also very confident

internal conflict- a peach stone falls and hits the drum head and it scares Joby so he turns the drum on its side

rising action- Joby's upset over not having a gun in war and has a convocation about it with the general and he teaches Joby the importance of his role in the war

Climax- Joby turns his drum upright and faces his duties

falling action- Joby relaxes and gets ready for war

Resolution- Joby gains his confidence and leads them into war
presented by:Taylor B, Daphne A , and Brittany W
The story The drummer boy of Shiloh is based in Tennessee by owls creek in April
point of view
The point of view is first person because it tells the story threw Joby's point of view and his opinion over the story and it tells how he feels
The conflict in the Drummer of Shilho is Man vs himself because Joby is struggling with leading the solders into war because he doesn't feel confident in him self and dosnt want to die
The moral of the story is to believe in your self and to trust that you can do anything if you set your mind to to it
Protagonist & Antagonist
Protagonist- Joby and the general

Antagonist- the opposing team in the war
any questions??
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