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Dorian Gray Presentation - Question 5

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Dorian Gray

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Dorian Gray Presentation - Question 5

Question 5 Dorian Gray The Picture of Novel Analysis How does an How individual's corruption affect others? Throughout the novel, CORRUPTION and its spread to others is easy to see. Especially in the characterization of two figures -

and their affect on others. Starting with LORD HENRY DORIAN GRAY And eventually himself The influence both characters have over each other - and others around them - creates an ongoing corrupt presence. The conversation Dorian has with Basil before his murder (especially about Adrian Simpleton).

Pg 144 If one forgets the spiritual side of physical pleasures, then their life will ultimately prove to be pointless for society and themselves. Dorian's ability to enjoy things physically, without moral consequences Important Text Passages:
Page 20
Page 52
Page 77
Page 102 The youth of today is influenced greatly by reality television, such as the Jersey Shore, the Kardashians, etc. The influence is not intended, yet effective. The influence is negative and displays a message of being beyond stupid will give you unimaginable riches. This reflects Dorian Gray. Lord Henry's message to him was up to Dorian to follow and he did. It affected the way he lived and injured him in the end. He lost all his friends and wound up dead.
Also, religion is another big influence on people's life, especially throughout history. A religion and its followers never meant to have as many wars fought over religions as there was. People with very strong religious beliefs find it offensive if someone doesn't believe the same thing, so they try to make themselves superior to the other religion. This reflects Dorian because he believed he was superior to all his friends and tried to make them believe it. As he changed from amoral to immoral, the change in his conceitedness was almost unbearable.
Bribery is also a huge influence over our lives throughout history and today, all over the world. It corrupts countries, businesses, and even household. This shows the influence of money over people's moral choices. This relates to Dorian as well because he offered his soul for eternal youth. It shows how much he cared about the material things and his looks, that he forgot the choices he made affected him as well. The conversation
between Basil and
Lord Henry.

Pg 16 Dorian's quick
favoritism of
Lord Henry over Basil Radical hedonistic views. Looks to Lord Henry for
advice and acceptance.
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