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York Regional Police & Social Media

No description

Stephanie Mackenzie-Smith

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of York Regional Police & Social Media

Social Media Revolution
Measuring our Success
Tweet alongs
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Crisis Communication and Reputation Management
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30-day analysis (combined Facebook & Twitter)
11,400 interactions (number of Twitter mentions, retweets and Facebook stories created for our profiles)
Gained 1,503 new followers/likes
Engaged with 6,000 unique individuals
4.4 million impressions (combined number of potential users that saw content associated to our profiles)

Real-time information in a crisis
Leaders in Media Relations and Social Media in Law Enforcement
Corporate Communications Manager - Chair of Ontario Media Relations Officers Network (OMRON), an Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police committee
Presented on social media as a communications tool to Metrolinx, Canadian Forces, Children's Aid Society of York Region, York Region Fire Services
Presented to international police audiences on social media and crisis communications at law enforcement conferences in Dallas, Texas; Richmond, Virginia and Omaha, Nebraska
Trained officers from across Canada at Ontario Police College on Social Media Branding and Marketing and Twitter 101
York Regional Police Corporate Communications facilitates OMRON media relations course at the Ontario Police College and instructs social media component
Guest lectured on social media and law enforcement at Seneca College and Durham College
Corporate Communications Bureau
Media Relations Corporate Communications

Our Social Media Brand
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Crisis communication plans include social media as a primary means of communication with media and citizens
Building an audience of engaged citizens to assist us in sharing critical information in a crisis
Positioning ourselves as the official source of news relating to York Regional Police
Currently engaging with community partners (hospitals, transit, attractions) to develop social media protocols for use in mass disasters and major incidents
Manage our reputation by using a customer-service approach across all touchpoints
York Regional Police & Social Media

Sergeant Clint Whitney Supervisor Stephanie Mackenzie-Smith
Giving our community an inside look at policing
Tweets from the Beat
Communications Centre
Marine Unit
Recruiting Information Sessions and Women's Recruiting Symposium
Festive Season Enhanced R.I.D.E Launch
Police Appreciation Night
Black History Month
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Special Olympics 2013 Summer Games
Police Services Board Meetings
Positive Community Feedback
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Our social media mission statement:
We are professional, fair, compassionate, informative, timely, educational, inspiring and occasionally sarcastic, silly and humorous
We do not ignore the negative or refuse to engage on difficult subjects. We don’t mock or degrade, blame victims, promote political opinions or editorialize
We are authentic in our interactions and let our individual and collective personalities shine through
We tell stories that reflect our mission, vision and values
Customer-service Focus
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Recognize that it is important our citizens feel their voices are heard
Genuinely listen with compassion and empathy
Engage in a way that promotes understanding and open exchange of information and opinion
Provide as much information as possible, explaining processes, policies and procedures wherever possible
Forward complaints or negative comments to appropriate unit for follow up
Living our values
Thank you.

The Future of Social Media at YRP
69 per cent female, 31 percent male
Most popular age groups are 25 to 34 and 45 to 54
55 per cent male, 45 per cent female
Most popular age group is 25 - 34, followed by 21 - 24

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