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1º Qualities of sound

No description

Dani Luna

on 5 October 2017

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Transcript of 1º Qualities of sound

Sound Qualities
of Noise and Music
Sound is produced when an object vibrates and that movement travels through sound waves to our ears
The Difference
The distinction between
music and sound is
Music has an ordered structure in its waves.
How we hear?
Sound waves hit the eardrum
The information produced by its vibration is transmitted to the brain
Silence = Rest
Rest in music
It is as important as sound
It serves as a break, to catch one's breath
It's a resource of expressiveness
It makes possible to organize ideas and give structure to the composition
What is silence?
Silence is the absence of sound.... but, there isn't such thing as absolute silence.

Here is an example of
"noise" into music
How important is
the rest in music
Qualities of sound
The pitch depends on the wave frequency, the vibration speed.
Depends on the wave persistence. How long the wave is.
Depends on the wave amplitude: the distance between the highest vibration and repose.
Depends on the mixture of the root sound and its harmonics.
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