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Eritrea conflict

No description

Yannick Blüm

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Eritrea conflict

Eritrea Conflict
Development of the Conflict

Development of the Conflict
Basic Facts of the War
Participants: Ethiopia and Eritrea

Date: 6th of May 1998 - 18th of June 2000

Ending: ceasefire

Area: Border of Ethiopia and Eritrea

Victims: 70,000 - 100,000 on both sides

1 500 000 refugees

Ethiopia exploited and banished 70 000 Eritreans living in Ethiopia

Both countries spent around 600 million US Dollars e economy was harmed enormously

Despite the war both Presidents won popularity

The relationship of Ethiopia and Eritrea was harmed lastingly !!!
Reasons of war
Eritrean War of Independence

Ethiopian Civil War

Eritrea won independence peacefully in 1993

First border conflicts

Oil conflicts

Currency conflict

Current Situation
the territorial conflict has not been solved yet

no safety - you can be drawn into the army at any time

10 000 political prisoners since 1993

possible refugees are outlawed

next Eritrean border conflict with Dschibuti

Eritrea and Ethiopia fought a proxy war in Somalia ( 2006 / 2007 )

Eritrea mobilizes Army

Bill Clinton stops air strikes on June 15th 1998

war pause because of rain

Eritrean army 200.000
Ethiopian army 300.000

Eritrea ready for road map for piece - yes
Ethiopia - no

Ethiopia starts big offensive and wins hard-fought territory

war ends with armistic agreement on July the 18th
economic argument

borderline argument

Ethiopia occupies Adi Murug
border commission

war begins with exchange of fire on May the 8th 1998 some dead people

12th May 1998: Eritrea occupies triangle

Ethiopia sends troops there too and boycotts the Eritrean economy
Possible solutions
support democratization by UN

replace the old elite of power

diplomatic efforts to solve the conflict

international understanding between Eritrea and Ethiopia

improve wealth in both states => economy
Yirga - triangle
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