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general template

Prezi is simple: You Write, Zoom, Arrange.Using these simple means, you can express many things - with great impact.Here are some basic examples such as timelines, TOC, Zen likes.

Peter Van Beeck

on 15 March 2010

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Transcript of general template

Wie zijn wij? Waarom onderhandelen mensen? Scotwork Waarde creëren Wereldleider in Training en Consultancy
omtrent Onderhandelen Conflict Peter Van Beeck
Managing Director
Scotwork BeNeLux Focus! For that moment of silence in your talk...
(the ZEN thing) Het is onze passie! Overtuigen
Probleem oplossen
Je wil opleggen
Arbitrage Conflicten oplossen Een eenvoudig conflict Je doelstellingen? s m l xl Bepaal je doelstellingen I'm not. is universeel Macht Belang kan je stimuleren Suzanne Reijn
Scotwork BeNeLux Welkom You're all different! Yes, we are all different! Yes, we are all different! Yes, we are all different! Yes, we are all different! Yes, we are all different! Yes, we are all different! Use scale to show relations Niet te verwarren met je strategie You get the idea... Onderhandelen...
stof tot nadenken! If you leave enough empty space around a text or image, Prezi can focus on it easily Eigen Belang Prikkels Sancties Goed onderhandelen doe je
door waarde te creëren
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