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The Sea of Monsters

by : Jasmine Masri

Jasmine Masri

on 30 January 2011

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Transcript of The Sea of Monsters

The Sea of Monsters Author: Rick Riordan Publisher: Miramax Books/Hyperion Books for Children Genre: Mythology Summary: Percy has finally reached the seventh grade. It is almost
time for summer and he is ready to go back to camp. But his
mother told him something was wrong he won't be able to go
this summer. He was dissapointed and he wanted to know what
has happened at camp. Later at school that day something horrible
happened, when they were playing dodgeball the bullies turned into
giants. They were trying to destory Percy but thank the "gods"
his friend Tyson was amazingly strong enough to take care of the
giants but soon Annabeth comes to the rescue. She tells them whats
going on, but that was only the begining. In camp something terrible has happned Thalia's tree is dying. The tree
has been protecting the camp for years. Now that it is dying camp is no longer
safe. Percy is determined to save camp, he sneaks out with Annabeth and Tyson
his newly claimed baby cyclops brother. In this book they travel to the bermuda
triangle so they traveled through the ocean to get there. During the trip they find Luke.
They find out that he is up to something evil and sometime they have to stop
him sooner or later. In this quest they go through many obsticles including
fighting monsters, and fighting their fears. At the end they complete the quest with
the help of Clarise but there is still so much to come... Greek/Roman concepts
found in book Names of Gods and Godesses and what they are known for. Mythical creatures that were told in stories in the Greek/Roman times Legends of heroes and Gods Questions for Author: How did you come up with this book? How did Thalia end up being under the tree? Will grover ever find Pan? Other Books: The Lost Hero
The Throne Of Fire
The Red Pyramid
The Lightning Theif
The Titans Cures
The Battle of the Labyrinth
The Last Olympian
Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Demigod Files
Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Ultimate Guide
Widower's Two-Step
The Last King Texas
Gold Springs
South Town
Mission Road
And More... The End! Thank you!
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