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charlotte st.croix

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of French

Dear Claudine and Boblina
I need to go on a diet, my parents always complain about all of the junk i eat. I always eat candy and chips and I drink fruit juice. Fruit juice is good for you right? Anyways I really don`t like veggies. I`m okay with fruit but I don`t eat it regularly. Please help me and give me some ideas about how I can eat better.
From Ralpheen, Saskatoon
Dear Ralphene,
I have many ideas for you to get back on track. I think that you should start going with your parents to the grocery store and maybe you can buy some healthier food. Since you don't really like veggies maybe you can just start small with the veggies that you like the most and keep adding more and more to your diet. Then try eating at least one fruit a day and then maybe you will learn to like them. Fruit juice can be good for you but not that much because it is very surgary. Try drinking water and milk. Hope this answers your questions. Good luck.

From Claudine Greenland
In fr
Cher Ralphene,
J`ai beacoup de idee pour tu a dos sur morceau. J`ai penser lequel toi forme debut aller avec ton parents a la magasin de prvisions et peut-etre tu pouvoir decider a acheter plus sain nourriture. Depuis tu faire pas vraiment aime legumes peut-etre commencer petit et peut-etre just essayer manger les legumes cet aime trop et consever pub plus et un fruit a jour et peut-etre tu mettre apprendre a aime ca. Le jus de fruits mettre pres bon pour toi mais ne pas beacoup de temps parce que il est beacoup sucre. essayer boisson eau et lait. J`espere quecela repond a toutes vos questions. Bonne chance
-De Claudine, Green Land
Question and Answers
In F
J`ai besoin de faire un regime, mons pere et ma mere plaindre a propos cochonneries j`ai mange. J`ai mange toujours des croustilles et jus de fruits. Jus de fruits est bonne pour moi, legitime? Quand meme je vraiment ne pas armour legume. C'est bon avec fruits mais je ne pas mange souvent reglierement. S'il te plait aide moi et donner moi quelques idees a propos facon je suis je puex mange mieux.
Cher Claudine et Boblina,
Ralphene Saskatoon
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