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Copy of CASE 12.1 - MGMT

No description

Anh Bach

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of CASE 12.1 - MGMT

Anh Bach
Allison Eisenbeis
Michael Fahrenhorst
Joseph Giebe Which perspective of leadership best explains the problems experienced in this case? What can organizations do to minimize the leadership problems discussed above? PROFITEL INC. SUMMARY Enjoyed many decades of minimal competition.
Grew stiff competition in the cellular (mobile) telephone business.
Decided to hire an outsider as the new chief executive who is Consulted Peeters as coon as the business declined SP13-MGMT3600-003 Tue - Thurs: 9:30 - 10:45 Present by: GROUP 1 Case Study 12.1 PROFITEL INC. This is to hereby authorize that this assignment can be duplicated copied, reproduced, and be viewed by others.
Lars Peeters. Used his previous two CEO strategies according to a board member. Hired two executives from the European company Profitel’s wireless broadband subscriber list grew quickly, but customer satisfaction FELL Lars Peeters Profitel’s share price declined since Peeters was hired. Foreign-owned competitor won a $1 billion government contract. Board Peeters, along with two executives he had hired FIRED Communication should have been a lot stronger Companies should more more closely evaluate new leaders Hired a CEO within in your company. Transformational leadership views effective leaders as agents of change in the work unit or organization.

Working together for a common goal/vision is key to this leadership approach. Application Peeters goals did not energize his employees and self meaning. did not build commitment to his vision of the company. Analyze the case using concepts discussed in that leadership perspective. Question 1 they create, communicate, and model a shared vision for the team or organization, and they inspire followers to strive to achieve that vision Lacked integrity Used layoffs instead of other financial solutions. Lacked cognitive intelligence because of these strategies. Lacked emotional intelligence because his employee's moral was low and his customers were not satisfied. He only discouraged them and laid them off, making employees uncomfortable in the work place. Too arrogant to make his vision happen. Fell back to his strategies at his previous CEO positions instead of using his staff and experience intelligently Every company is different and needs to be ran accordingly. Peeter PROBLEM ! Question 2 SOLUTION !
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