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Migration to Australia in the 20th Century

What were the experiences of migrants to Australia in the 20th Century? (Social, Economic and Political experiences)

Amelia Neff

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Migration to Australia in the 20th Century

By: Amelia Neff Migration to Australia in the 20th Century What were the experiences of Migrants to Australia in the 20th Century? HOPE YOU ENJOYED! Migrants from Europe Here in Europe migrants came from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England! Migrants came from lots of places. Such as Europe, the Americas, and even Africa. These are the places I will be focusing on. But, there were many more places that the Migrants came from. Why I came to Australia and my experiences since I've been here! Migrants from the Americas Migrants from Africa 9 Green Bibliography: Lets take a Journey and find out! After WWI both the British and Australian governments wanted people to migrate so it would strengthen the British Empire. During this time the Australian Government passed the Empire Settlement Act in 1922, which paid for fares, living allowances, training, employment and grants of farmland for suitable applicants. Then after WWII the Australian Government was determined to secure more British migrants. This brought about the Assisted Passage Scheme. Which was similar to the Empire Settlement Act. Only under this scheme any person that came from Britain became known as 'ten pound poms'. This means that they only had to pay ten pounds of their own money, then the government would pay for the rest.With that more than 1 million people migrated to Australia until 1982. Conclusion In conclusion most of the reasons people left there countries and migrated to Australia was because of war and new experiences. Australia also didn't respond well to some of the people. But, wanted others. Why that is I'm not sure but I do know that the conditions had something to do with it. Rather the person was moving to live there or running from war. There were so many conditions that people reacted differently to all of them. People who came form the Americas came from North America and South America. Brasch, Nicolas. Story of Migration To Austrlia From Europe. Heinemann Library:Port Melbourne, 2008. Americans came for various reasons such as the gold rush, business opportunities and they even came for trading, whaling and sealing! Americans also came for something different. For change. That's what I came for. Wait! I guess that makes me a migrant to then! The reason I came to Australia is because I wanted something new. Not only that but my father lived here and I just wanted to live with him. But, I have to say I've had GREAT experiences so far. People are very friendly. And everyone wants to hear my accent. But most of all I've made wonderful new friends at Avila that help me feel at home. So overall I've had a great time so far. And wouldn't ever want it to end. Brasch, Nicolas. Story of Migration To Austrlia From the Pacific Islands and the Americas. Heinemann Library:Port Melbourne, 2008. Brasch, Nicolas. Story of Migration To Austrlia From the Middle East and Africa. Heinemann Library:Port Melbourne, 2008. Google Images Some migrants coming from Africa war trying to escape war. Eritrea and Ethiopia were at war with each other. This was because the Ethiopian president, Haile Selassis, ended the rights of Eritreans to set in parliament and claimed Eritrea as part of Ethiopia. The war ended up making thousands of people fleeing and Australia began to accept Eritreans and Ethiopians on humanitarian grounds. There was also a war between Sudan and Somalia which also sent people fleeing and again Australians accepted them on humanitarian grounds.
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