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The Great Gatsby Bakckground

No description

Marisa Carlton

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Bakckground

The Great Gatsby Background
F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. He was a wealthy man who married Zelda Fitzgerald, the general attorney's daughter, while stationed in Montgomery, Alabama. Scott Fitzgerald soon turned into an alcoholic because his relationship with his wife went downhill. Later they split and he remarried a woman from Hollywood. He died at the age of 44 from a heart attack.
The Roaring 20's/Jazz Age
Many new things were going on in this time period. It was a time of drinking and partying. Alcohol was so popular, the Prohibition came along.There was dancing and music, generally jazz. Flappers were also introduced in this time period.
Zelda Fitzgerald was born Zelda Sayre in Montgomery, Alabama to a wealthy life. She was a novelist and an American flapper. She married Scott Fitzgerald in New York, but throughout the years, their relationship went downhill. This caused them to split. She was diagnosed bipolar and ended up in a mental hospital in Asheville, NC. She died there at the age of 47 due to a fire.
Zelda Fitzgerald
Generally credited to African Americans for starting this type of music. This started in the late 20's and early 30's. The rhythm of Jazz was more free flowing and used piano's and drums. Swing is a style of dance that was created because of the jazz music. It made you want to move and "swing".
Jazz and Swing Music
Clothing Styles of the 20's/30's
The women usually wore dresses and skirts that reached their calves and ankles. The dresses were fitted and more revealing. The necklines came down to show more skin and they were usually sleevesless. For men, they usually wore tailcoat tuxedos with bow ties and fedoras.
Henry Ford designed the first american vehicle. Most of the cars were convertibles but later they added tops for comfort. The Ford cars were usually black, but many others were colorful and appealing to the eye.
Automobiles of the 20's and 30's
This was a law and movement that prohibited the sell, manufacture, trade and intake of alcohol. The prohibition was meant to reduce crime, lower taxes, and help the people of American become healthier. Although drinking alcohol was illegal, there were many underground clubs that still sold alcohol.
Started in 1914 because of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand his family, by Bosnian, Gavrilo Prinip. It ended in 1918. The war took place mostly in Europe. It was a world war because many of the countries had allies, and everyone got involved.
World War 1
A time when young people were the age of the decade. Many of the phrases were influenced by flappers. The slang was used all over the country. Some terms they used were, baloney, which means nonsense. Bee's Knees - an extraordinary person. Cat's Pajamas means something stylish or wonderful. Hair of the dog means another shot of alcohol.
Terms and Slang of the 20's
Horatio Alger was born in 1832 and died in 1899. He was a great writer and wrote many novels, mostly for juveniles. They were inspirational stories about poor boys who's hard work payed off. People described his type of stories as, "rags-to-riches".
Horatio Alger
Term derived from England but it was first introduced to the United States by F. Scott Fitzgerald in his books. He described the flapper woman as being young, expensive, and lovely. She would usually be around 20 years old and very foolish and spontaneous. Their hair was in a bob, they wore fitted dresses to their knees or ankles, and they wore accessories like hats and scarves.
After the prohibition of alcohol, it was illegal to sell and drink alcohol. This is where speakeasies and bootleggers came in. Speakeasies were underground or disguised bars and clubs who sold alcohol where people could go and have fun. The speakeasies got their alcohol from bootleggers, people who made the alcohol secretly and illegally.
Speakeasies and Bootleggers
The Mafia ("The Mob")/Organized Crime
Most of the men in the mafia were Italian-Americans who lived in big cities like Chicago and New York. What made them rise to power was the trade of alcohol during the prohibition era. They were also involved in drug trafficking, gambling and racketeering. A well known mobster is Al Capone.
Capitalism is an economic system that many countries in the world have. The United States has this type of social system. In capitalism, it is the individual who makes a profit on their business or industry, not the whole state or country.
Symbolism is an image that represents an idea or a group. For example, the yin and yang symbol represents the balance of good and bad. You cannot have one without the other. The black color symbolizes death, sickness, hard work, while the white color symbolizes life, happiness, and fortune.
It is used in literature and in writing. It is a form of sarcasm and usually means the opposite of its literal meaning. For example, in the book Animal Farm, the pigs told all the animals 4 legs good, 2 legs bad. Later on when the pigs rose to power, they started walking on 2 legs and saying, 4 legs good, 2 legs better.
John D. Rockefeller
John D. Rockefeller was one of the richest people of the 20th century. He was a major philanthropist of the time. He founded the Standard Oil Company in 1870. By the 1880's he owned 90% of the oil business. He was said to have donated 500 million dollars to different philanthropic causes.
During the Great Depression, the farms and fields of the great plains were hit hard with a drought. This was especially bad for the small farmers, who couldn't feed themselves because of this drought. The drought caused huge dust storms, impossible to breathe and see through. This caused many farmers to move west to California.
The Dust Bowl
The U.S. Stock Exchange is a group of companies where people can invest their money. There are many stocks listed in the New York Stock Exchange like the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and many more. During the late 1920's, the stock market crashed and introduced the Great Depression.
The U.S. Stock Exchange
The Great Depression
The Great Depression started when the stock Market crashed in 1929. Following a happy time of partying and drinking, this was a big shock and a huge turn of event for the American people. There were no jobs, no money, and people were struggling to survive.
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