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Amritsar, India

No description

Rupa M

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Amritsar, India

Punjab, India
Important People
Udam Singh – He went to London and killed The Marquess of Zetland with a gun that he hid in his book.

Ranjit Singh – He was the founder of the Sikh empire and he became the leader of Lahore.

Bhagat Singh - He wanted to kick the British out from India and declared for independence but got a death penalty instead.

Interesting facts
- Punjabi, Hindi and English are spoken
- Golden Temple Is 500 years old
- It's an urban city
- about 40 000 people visit the Golden temple every week
- The Golden Temple is made out of marble and gold
- Wikipedia

- http://www.idiscoverindia.com/Travel_Amritsar/Amritsar_facts_figure.html

- http://travel.sulekha.com/amritsar_monuments.htm

This is also celebrated by Sikhs & Hindus. Diwali is the festival of lights. People clean their houses and keep almost all the lights.
Vaisaki is celebrated by Sikhs. Also farmers in India think of this day as thanksgiving, they have a feast with their food that they've harvested.
Rakhri is a celebration where girls tie a band around their brothers and/or their cousins hand, which shows a significance of trust. Tying the band means your brother or cousin will look out for you.

Harmandir Sahib
One of the most biggest tourist attractions in India. Its made entirely of gold.It literally means ''Temple of God''.It was built in 1604 and rebuilt in 1764 when it was attacked.
Jallianwala Bagh
Jallianwala Bagh is a garden where on April 13th 1919 which was the day of Vaisakhi and a guy named Reginald Dyer a major incident killing about 1000 people and wounding 1100.
Taran Taran
Is famous because it is known for its sacred tank. People believe that if you swim in there you will be cured of your sickness.
Gobindwal Sahib
Is known for the final resting place of the 2nd guru, sri Guru Angad Dev Ji. Here is another place you should visit. Its 30 km from Amritsar.
Basic Info
- The population of Punjab is 27,704,236

- The area is 50,362 km2 (19,445 sq mi)

- The capital city of Punjab is Chandigarh

- It was established in 1966-11-01

- Official language is Punjabi

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