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The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse

No description

Rayna Debelak

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse

The Summer Of the Beautiful White Horse Country
Flatland Mourad Antagonist- he presents the challenge of taking the horse away from John.

Dynamic- because he changed from the beginning to the end. Example- he stole the horse then returned it because he felt guilty.

Rude, selfish, a thief, smart, liar, and cousin of Aram Aram Protagonist- main character of the story

Static- he stayed the same throughout the story. Never changed.

Nice, thoughtful, didn't want the horse at first, cousin of Mourad Theme Problems Mourad steals the "Beautiful White Horse" and he is still lying, and still holding onto it for months! When Aram found out that Mourad was behind all of this he told Mourad to return it right away!! Their tribe is one of the most trusted tribes ever, so it is a huge problem that one of the members can't be trusted.
Beginning- Nice, at first he didn't like the horse, thought it was better to return it Middle- Changed his mind about the horse; he wanted the horse. End- Mad that the horse was taken, and wanted it back. Beginning- mean because he stole the horse. Middle- he realized how wrong it was and he started to feel bad Resolution Author: William William Saroyan Made/ Presentation by: Sarah Brown and Rayna Debelak Thanks For Watching!!! The theme of "The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse" is honesty. The theme is honesty because in the book, Mourad is not honest and he digs himself in a deeper hole because of that. In the end, he also learns that being honest is very important. End- He returned the horse and was
happy that everyone else was
happy!! The resolution is that when Mourad returned the horse to the true owner, John Byro. At the end everyone throughout the short story had a happy ending. Mourad really learned his lesson, which was steeling is NOT the right thing! Settings Main Characters
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