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future tecnology

all sorts of gadgets here

matthew ward

on 23 October 2009

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Transcript of future tecnology

future tecnology vr coocon!!

comming soon NAU aims to change how we currently interact with computers.
for day-to-day functions and entertainment such as playing games.
Provides extreme gaming experience .
High costs when it is released
By NAU , an international design group for 2014
3D resalousion for the best quality entertainment .
3D people for the reality effect .
Perfect 3D television and movies without those horrible glasses? They're closer than you think
Looks as good as the game .
They're images on a TV in high definition - and in perfect 3D.
We've always seen androids & human-like robots in movies, but never in real life.But now, there exists a human-like robot that looks so human & alive ... Totally freaky!
Japanese company Koroko have delivered their first female Actroid, The Actroid DER2 fembot.She has lifelike silicon skin & can deliver natural expressions!
The fembot can be dressed-up in a variety of costumes & can take part in events & presentations.
The Actroid DER2 fembot is now available for rent from Koroko & will cost around $3,500 for 5 days.
Water proof .
Know Where Jacket – the GPS/Galileo jacket
That knows where it is Hands-free: Filming your own “360” jump!
Augmented Reality vest shows technicians what to do
MIT has been showing off its latest futuristic concept: an electric two-passenger vehicle called the City Car, which can 'stack' together with other City Cars to form a more socially responsible way of getting around town.

It involves 'stacks' which are placed around a city, receive incoming City Cars, and charge them up again.

What they? "fully integrated in-wheel electric motors and suspension systems" which "eliminate the need for traditional drive train configurations like engine blocks, gear boxes, and differentials because they are self-contained, digitally controlled and reconfigurable".

Oh, and they allow omni-directional steering too, which should make parking a breeze. So, when can I buy one? Oh, the technology is apparently patent-pending and "under design development" at MIT's Media Lab, so it could be some time before they hit the streets of London. Ah well.

although they're keen to stress it's not a straight replacement for cars, taxis, buses or trucks.
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