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Social Cinema


Bill Claxton

on 15 July 2010

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Transcript of Social Cinema

Social Cinema alternative content, non-traditional venues, real social experiences Landscape Regional Roll-Out Timeline Venues Projections Team PRoposal Screenings Gavin Liu Film Festival Director, Singapore Film Society
Film Festival Director, Japanese Film Festival
Background in marketing, events planning and owner of an independent film distribution firm William Claxton Founder and Technical Director, Iterate Pte Ltd
Council Member , Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation and Executive Committee, Digital Media Chapter
Organizer, IX Conference
Producer, Singapore Digital Media Festival
Technical Advisor, MDA i.JAM Programme
Other involvements include Real Networks, Anystream, Panopto etc. Jeffrey Paine Managing Partner, Battle Ventures LLP
Director, Zayad International Humanitarian Award
Executive Director and Board Member, Rediffusion
Founder and Managing Member, Generation Origin
Advisor and Principal of Cutler Venture Partners LLC
Advisor at various companies including Pioneer Venture Singapore, Video Edition Inc., Zingmobile, Lotus Entertainment, Goldfish Capital and Dubai Consultancy LLC, Yolk Pte Ltd For Content Owners Opportunity for regional presence

Access to Asian market

Overcome language and deployment issues

Good earnings and potential

Secure distribution Our Proposal Content Owner Content

Technical Coordination 6 months non-exclusive contract

50% of net profit

Costs capped at SGD$2,500 per screening Potential Venue Partners The Esplanade Integrated Resorts Museums Per Screening First-Year approx. $30 per ticket approx. 350 seats per theatre cost per screening : approx. SGD $2,500 net revenue per screening : approx. SGD $10,500 net profit per screening : approx. SGD$8,000 Half-year launch campaign with initial venue partners - approx. 3 screenings / month

Expansion to additional venues - approx. 10 screenings / month
approx. 78 screenings in first year
net revenue of SGD$ 819,000
net profit of SGD$ $624,000
Total Finalization of Deal Terms and Logistics Signing of initial venue partners
Signing of content owners Month 1 Month 2 Months 2-3 Month 4+ Initial Roll-Out to Local Venues 3 to 4 screenings per month
Creation of market share and consumer awareness Expansion Other local venues and regional partners
Case studies and results from first 2 months of operations Marketing Campaign Online - social media marketing, local film communities
Offline - venue partnerships, traditional media coverage Lack of satellite footprint

Lack of regional distribution network for alternative content

Traditional cinematic experience that ends with the movie

Market focus on 2K projector upgrades and 3D, rather than breadth of experience

Most HD Live platforms are serving only the US and Europe Asia Social Cinema Alternative Content Non-Traditional Venutes Real Social Experiences at showing Social Networking Community + Online ticketing and marketing platform
Extends social experience beyond the cinema
Sponsorship and promotion opportunities
Largest all-digital theatre network in the US with 65 venues and rapidly growing Emerging Pictures (www.emergingpictures.com) National CineMedia (www.ncm.com) The largest digital in-theatre network in North America with 16,800 screens in over 1,325 theatres in 46 states. More2Screen (www.more2screen.com) Sourcing and distributing alternative content programming for screening in digitally equipped cinemas and at big screen venues worldwide, with a focus on Europe. provides Potential Current Low
Tech prefer group activities
high purchasing power
starved for world-class entertainment Tech
Savvy world's highest adoption of social networking
prefer online purchasing
media-literate Singapore trusted regional media HQ
strong IP protection laws Our Role secure local sponsorship opportunities
leveler for the very heterogenous cinema market in Asia. Potential Competitors The PictureHouse (www.thepicturehouse.com.sg) Singapore's indie film focused cinema catering to a small niche audience. Screens alternative content but without HD Live capability. Opportunities Segments Cinedigm (www.cinedigm.com) The global industry leader in networked digital systems, with 362 sites installation over 41 states. Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics LIVE in HD
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