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Oliver Twist IIIA

No description

Michela Romoli

on 14 June 2018

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Transcript of Oliver Twist IIIA

l ver Twist
Mr. Sowerberry's
Mr. Brownlow's
Fagin's house
by Charles Dickens
On the way to London
Oliver got tired.

He met a strange
boy called the Artful
Dodger who helped him.
After breakfast Fagin started a strange game which Oliver didn't understand.
The strange boy,Dodger, listened to his story and took Oliver to London, to Fagin's house.
One day Oliver followed Bates and the Dodger who stole a handkerchief.

Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse.
His mum arrived there and died the day
after he was born.

The Workhouse was a very sad and
poor place to live.

Because he was alone he went to live in an orphanage where were all others children
with no family.

In that place he had no friends, nobody
loved him and there was very little to eat.

At the age of 9 he was sent back to the workhouse.

Even if orphans were always
hungry they never asked
for more food.

But one time Oliver decided to
ask for another bowl of food to the master of the workhouse.
One day Noah, a boy who worked there, insulted Oliver's mum so Oliver started hitting him. As a punishment, he was closed in a small room. The next morning he escaped to go to London.
Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Bedwin took care of him and gave him a home, love, education and new clothes.
Fagin and Monks wanted to kidnap Oliver.
Nancy told it to Rose Maylie and Mr. Brownlow. They met on the London Bridge.
Unfortunately one of Fagin's boys listened to the conversation.
Two servants found him, put him in a bed and called the doctor. When doctor Losberne arrived, he visited Oliver and he said that Oliver needed to rest.
Mr Brownlow sent Oliver to a bookshop.
Sikes,Fagin, Dodger and Nancy kidnapped Oliver while he was going to the bookshop.
Bill Sikes killed Nancy and returned to London to escape from the police.
In the summer Rose and Mrs Maylie took Oliver to their lovely cottage.
Sikes wanted to escape but died falling off a roof.
Oliver didn't know he had joined a gang of thieves.
Oliver learnt to steal handkerchiefs
Oliver thought they were just playing.
Oliver didn't want to steal
so he tried to warn the people in the house.
Oliver got hurt and remained alone in the cold and in the dark.
Mr Brownlow took Oliver to his beautiful house .
Fagin was very worried because he was afraid that Oliver told he police everything .
Fagin sent Oliver to steal in a big, rich house so he started working for his bread.
He run away chased by a policeman.
He caught Oliver but an old man who worked at the workshop said
that he wasn't a thief and the
policeman released him.
He was born in Portsmouth, England, on 7 February 1812.
His childhood was happy and he loved reading all kinds of books.
When he was twelve, his father went to prison and he had to leave school and went to work in a factory.
Some of his famous works are
Oliver Twist
A Christmas Carol
David Copperfield
Great Expectations
He died in 1870 and was buried in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey in London.
The streets in 19th century Victoria London were very dangerous because there was very little light.

The poor children picked pockets and stole from street markets. They often worked together and they went to steal in rich homes and warehouses. The young women went to steal things in shops.
Dickens began writing when he was nineteen.
His stories talk about some people that he met and they were, for example, young, old, rich or poor.
-Mr. Gilles
-Rose Maylie
-Mr. Brittles
-Mr. Brownlow
-Mrs. Maylie
-Mr. Bumble
-Mrs. Bumble
-Bill Sikes
-Mr. Sowerberry
Adjectives used to describe them

Oliver was punished and sold to Mr. Sowerberry, a coffin maker.
At the end of the summer they returned home to London.While Oliver was studying, he looked out of the window and saw Fagin with Monks. He got scared.
In London Mr. Brownlow went to the Red Lion hotel and kidnapped Monks.
Mr. Brownlow told Monks the story of his father and that Oliver was his halfbrother.
The Red Lion
Fagin was hanged for all his crimes, Monks became a thief and died in prison. Mr and Mrs Bumble became very poor and went to live in a workhouse.
Oliver was adopted by Mr. Brownlow.
During this period Jack the Ripper was a terrible killer. He killed several women in the Whitechapel area.
Sir Robert (Bobby) Peel, in 1829, started the London Metropolitan Police to stop crime The police wore uniforms and they were called "bobbies" or "peelers".

In 1842 the first detective department was created at Scotland Yard, that is very famous today.

One evening Monks went to the workhouse to talk to Mr Bumble about Oliver's mother. Mrs Bumble told him she had stolen her ring then Monks took it and threw it into the river.
Nancy went to Fagin's house and overheard a conversation between Monks and Fagin. She discovered that Oliver was in danger and told it to Rose Maylie.
Brownlow obliged Monks to leave Oliver in peace.
In 1870 the British Government passed the Education Act and in 1891 all the children went to school.
The Industrial revolution took place in Great Britain between the late 1700s and 1800s.
A lot of families left the country to go to the cities and work in factories.
Children worked in terrible conditions and their jobs were usually dangerous. Orphans often became young thieves and they helped crimilas or went to workhouses.
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