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Is the food industry legally accountable fo obesity.

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William Lea

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Is the food industry legally accountable fo obesity.

Obesity is not the fault of the companies that make the food its the fault of the people that buy the food.
The whole matter of this subject is a choice, the company is not making you buy it.
Today I'm going to talk about if the fast food industry is accountable and some of the crazy lawsuits that people have had against big fast food industry's.
In Los angels (Cn) a woman claimed in a federal court that after being hired at McDonald's that it pushed her into prostitution. Firstly McDonald's is not responsible for any action that you do outside of the job area. This lawsuit was in 2012 but the events happened in 1982.
Now the thing is that McDonald's is not liable for any actions that you may do in your life to get by. They only want you to not do anything that may cost them money.
Crazy lawsuit #1
The Mclawsuit was in august 2002 it consisted of a group of overweight children in new york city. They filed a class action lawsuit seeking compensation for obesity-related health problems, improved nutritional labeling for McDonald's products, and funding for a program to educate consumers about the dangers of fast food.
Now the fast-food industry is sorta like the tobacco industry. They both sell goods to people that they know are not good for them but people do not care. They get addicted to it and keep going back.
The Mclawsuit.
In this lawsuit Barber was suing McDonald's because would eat there four or five times a week even after suffering a heart attack. He said that they didn't disclose the ingredients of their food and that the risks of eating too much.
"They never explained to me what I was eating" Barber said on ABC's Good Morning America.
His lawyer Samuel Hisrsh said the multibillion-dollar fast food industry has an obligation to warn consumers of the dangers of eating from their menus.
Now people should know that the food at a fast food joint is not going to be the best for your body.
Crazy lawsuit #2 (Barber v. McDonald's)
Is the food industry legally accountable for obesity.
By William Lea
The food is made fast for people because they may not have a lot of time to sit and eat like many people do.
Most people could tell by looking and touching the food that its not good for you. The food is always greasy but people eat it anyway. The food is high in fat, salt,sugar, and cholesterol.
The U.S. surgeon general said in a report in December at the time " that obesity kills an estimated 300,000 each year and costs $117 billion in health-related costs."
Now people have a choice to eat good foods for them or to eat foods that contain a lot of fat.
Barber v. McDonald's Pt. 2
Average intake of Calories
The daily average of calories intake for an adult is 2000, but for a thanksgiving dinner the average american consumes between 2,500-3,500.
Most people would be surprised by how much they consume in one day if they would keep track of there calories. Most people don't do this because they are happy with the body. 29.6 percent of adults in Missouri are overweight.
Now lets face it, in the case of obesity people are looking for people to blame for their problem and the hard reality is that they are to blame. They can change their life if they work at it. It will be hard but the results will be worth the gains.
Unlike smoking, fast food appears to be safe when consumed in moderation. It has been scientifically established that fast food contains substance that are physically addictive, although recent news reports suggest that several studies will demonstrate a link between consumption of high fat and high sugar foods.
The FDA has already stepped up its regulatory efforts in the area of obesity prevention. In july 2003 the agency implemented a regulation first proposed in 1999 requiring food makers to list trans fat content content on product nutritional labels by 2006. We now see the calories of what we buy at McDonald's and other fast foods now.
The McLawsuirt Pt. 2
Now the matter of all of this that its a choice to eat health or not. The companies may proved bad food that doesn't mean you have to eat it. It may be hard to eat health but the result of the thing is that it will help you live longer. People are always looking for someone to blame and fast food industries are always a target. The fast food industries are not responsible for your actions that's why they are called "your actions". In closing if you want to change your life then do it you are the driver of your life you might be on the wrong street but you can always turn around or find another street to go down. Just do not blame something that is a choice onto someone else it not going to help in anyway.
Thank you
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