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By: Brittany Forbes 2nd Period

Brittany Forbes

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Poetry

Poetry By: Brittany Forbes
2nd Period Sonnets Reflections By: Chris Cornish In the puddle of a storm
Where worms crawl and die,
I see a face forlorn
Backed by troubled sky.
Squirming to escape
The impending doom of light,
I peer back at my fate
And reflection of my plight.
A life that was a lie
Sold out from the start
Leaving souls that writhe
To twist and pull apart.
Too late for tears to fall
Then splash and mask it all. Reflection
By: Christina Aguilera My Sonnet Haiku Winter Wary
By: Jack Koonce Imagist Poetry The Beauty in a Beast The Majestic howl
The wolfs mesmerizing spell
The long winters veil Winter

In each essence of the sea Tranquility By: Jillian Veitenheimer Visual Poetry Surrealist Poetry Mach Tower Sunset Beach Then shall the fall further the flight in me. Easter Wings
By: George Herbert Lord, who createdest man in wealth and store, Though foolishly he lost the same, Decaying more and more, Till he became Most poore: With thee O let me rise As larks, harmoniously, And sing this day thy victories, Sanctuary By: John W. Thompson The future’s always bleak, The movies tell us so, Torrential rain and chrome, A snapped and shattered wish bone, The helicopter drones And the groans of civilians. The greed of man fizzing Across an electric-wired horizon, The horns that usher violence And the cascading shadows Of eternal damnation And dusk. Where people Once strode There is nothing But husks, The seeds Have been taken, Ruined by guess work, All hope forsaken. The Movies By: Dustan Carter Cheap Seats Tooth Fairy Oh the tranquility Birds singing out Flittering around Happiness can be heard In each caw Oh the tranquility Sand warming my feet Shifting underneath Spirit can be felt In each grain Oh the tranquility Waves crashing down Splashing all Old life can be seen In each bubble Oh the tranquility My heart beating In rhythm History can be sensed In each beat Oh the tranquility The scenery overwhelming Breath taking is the view Souls at ease By: Holly Stone By: Carol Nelson A sonnet is a poem that originally
originated from Europe. It usually Iambic Pentameter. Sonnets are contains 14 lines and is often used in expressed in a complete thought or idea. This poem has a rhyme scheme of ABABCDCDEFEFGG. A Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry.
It contains 3 lines with 17 syllables. The first and
last line has 5 syllables and the middle line has 7.
A Haiku usually does not rhyme and is mostly
written about nature. Imagist poetry is a style of poetry that applies
free verse and patterns of common speech. Imagism was a practice of a group between 1909 and 1917.
They believed that poetry should have freedom in
subject matter. It is known as one of the most
influential movements in English poetry. Visual Poetry is poetry in which text and symbols
are used to convey an image of a work. Fluxus, a
bunch of artist who are known for blending different
artistic matter together, was a heavy influence on
Visual Poetry. This type of poetry was big in
the 1960s. A good example of Visual Poetry
is concrete poetry. Surrealist Poetry is a poem with a unique style and uses
dream-like imagery. Surrealism was a art movement that
was influenced by Fredianism in 20th century. They were
dedicated to the expression of imagination that someone
would find in dreams. There are two techniques in
Surrealistic Poetry, which is naturalistic and abstract. Rap/Oral Poetry Rap/Oral Poetry is poetry that is
transmitted with spoken word. There
are many definitions of Rap/Oral Poetry.
Some people believe that oral poetry is
involved with talking through the mouth,
others think it can be expressed through
music. Rap/Oral Poetry is known
as any poetry performed live. Tooth Brush to the Bicycle Tire By: Sarah Kay It used to be that TV time was fun
You could escape the world for a short while
Now, political ads just seem to run
So commercial time, I start to revile
I love the guys on the Big Bang Theory
Seeing Sheldon really just makes my day
But Barack and Mitt make me so dreary
I wish someone would just send them away They're always trying to play the blame game
One will raise taxes and cut healthcare too
One will just give us some more of the same
It makes us wonder what's false and what's true
It's sad to know that this will not be done
Till one of the two candidates has one Winter has arrived
Trees shiver from the cold air
Mammals hibernate I wait anxiously in the vast line
My heart beating like a drum
Seeing others faces, I feel less alone
I approach the machinery
The tower mocked my courage
Awaiting to be harnessed
The sign of approval given by the conductor
Click....Click....Click, I am steadily rising
The view of the extravagant ocean is emerging
Suddenly, my fear re-awakens
I am falling, screams everywhere
Cowardliness has disappeared, and I was satisfied The Truth About the Man with No Face The man looks at himself everyday
He sees himself in the reflection
Though it is not quite him
He sees a man, depressed and hurt

His feelings yearn to be heard
To be awakened from his soul
He stays locked in his room
Being a burden to his own imagination

What the man with no face really needs
Is a friend to share his thoughts and ideas Three Legged Dog A man was outside Walmart
Holding up a sign
"Totally Terrific Three Legged Dog,
Needs A Home That Isn't Mine"
I looked in his truck and what did I see
The saddest little eyes stared back at me
Now I'm heading home from Walmart
It's quite an unusual ride
Because this "Totally Terrific Three Legged Dog
Is sitting by my side Waiting..................................AnXiOuSlY
I....Listen..............lying in my bed........................
Waiting...........AnXiOuSlY........she still has not come The clock strikes 12...........................I am growing tired And then I see it...........................A light that is blinding I closed my eyes...........waiting.....................waiting... Waiting for her.................................AnX iOuSlY She is in my room......Floating there Waiting for her to find what I've hidden Lie Still Then I feel it...My pillow moves.. All of my waiting....AnXiOuSlY is She is gone.......I am...... I awake it is morning Then I see under the My first ever Silently Slightly over alone time pillow dime
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By: Elizabeth Fraser Tire
By: Phil Brown
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