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Nowhere To Call Home By-Clayton Schmid

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere To Call Home By-Clayton Schmid

Nowhere To Call Home By-Clayton Schmid
Chapter 4.
Chapter 1.
Frankie's dad had a great business he made a bunch of money and put it all into the bank. But one day the bank went bankrupt. Frankie's dad went bankrupt and couldn't take being broke and took his own life. Frankie didn't matter to the dad it was just money that mattered. Now Frankie is bankrupt and has Nowhere To Call Home.
Chapter 2.
Frankie was left alone. So were the servants they couldn't be paid anymore. The bank let her keep a couple personal items and clothes the rest was being sold. The servants had nowhere to go. They started to think about coming a hobo and hoping the rails.
Chapter 3.
Her aunt was the only one left in her family. So Frankie had to go to Chicago and live with her. Frankie didn't want to even go to Chicago. She wanted hop trains with all the servants. But the servants didn't want her to come at all. They said its no place for a girl to be. It was a bad place out there.
Frankie's dads death is hitting her really hard. All the servants have the idea in their head of being a hobo. A servant is not a job to be keeping you from being a hobo.
Chapter 5.
Junius told Frankie he was going to be a hobo Frankie thought she could to be a hobo. But Junius said a girl has no right being a hobo.
Chapter 6 & 7.
Frankie's realizes she cant dress like a girl anymore so Frankie buys guys clothes and cuts her hair short. Frankie meets a guy and he gives Frankie the name blue.
Chapter 8-10
While Frankie is traveling she meets a group of teens two were girls. Frankie gets job with Stewpot her friend they work for potatoes and lunch. They eat the potatoes for food.
Chapters 11-13.
Frankie had her valuables stolen from her bag Red and his gang were responsible for the stolen items. Frankie had did a deal and eventually got a knife. As self defense. Stewpot and Frankie's next travels were heading West.

Chapter 14-16.
On the way West Stewpot shows Frankie how to whittle. And tells Frankie why he left home. His father used to beat him and his family. After she tries to get Stewpot to read but he cant he wont admit to it though.
Chapters 17-19.
Stewpot tells Frankie how Murph really died he was drunk and threw up while he was asleep and choked on his own vomit. Frankie tells her life before she was a hobo she says she was rich and was a girl. Frankie and Stewpot were caught and were taken to jail.
Chapter 20-24
Frankie is tired of the hobo life and wants to go back to her aunts with Stewpot. Stewpot gets sick and Frankie stocks up on medicine, food, hats, and blankets.They make it to the Rocky Mountains and Stewpot gets really sick he stars to cough up Blood.
Chapters 25-26.
Stewpot wanted too go to the Rockies because that's the place he wanted to see before he died. Stewpot passed away and Frankie and Jack bury him. Frankie goes back to her Aunts and lives with her.
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