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How astronauts meet their basic needs

No description

Jillian Gonzales

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of How astronauts meet their basic needs

How astronauts meet their basic needs in space (Part 1)
Jillian Gonzales

What are the basic needs?
What kind of food is eaten?
How is food cooked?
Where is food kept fresh?
Do astronauts need oxygen tanks in space?
What temperature does water freeze/boil at in space?
How is water held to avoid spillage?
Space suit diagram

What kind of food is eaten:
nonperishable foods
some foods can be eaten in their natural form like brownies and fruits.
Condiments such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are provided.
Salt and pepper are available but only in liquid form because if an astronaut is sprinkling then it will float away and can be dangerous because it may end up in an astronaut’s eye.
What you will see in this presentation:
What are the top three basic needs in space?
There are a lot of different needs that an astronaut needs but, there are 3 that us on earth also need, they are:
How astronauts meet the basic need of food in space
How is food cooked?
Foods like fruit can be eaten as is but other foods require adding water, such as macaroni and cheese or spaghetti. Of course, an oven is provided in the space shuttle and the space station to heat foods to the proper temperature.
Foods are also packed ahead of time so that there is enough food for the trip and there is no need of worrying that there won’t be enough.
Where and how is food kept fresh?
There are no refrigerators in space, so
space food must be stored and prepared properly to avoid spillage, espesially on longer missions.
What temperature does water boil/freeze at in space?
In space water can boil at different elevations. For example, water boils at 100*c when 0m off the ground however, at 2400m water may boil at 92*c. Water freezes at about -240*c.
How astronauts meet their basic need of oxygen in space:
How to avoid spillage of water in space?
To avoid spillage of water in space the water is held in bags and you will drink the water using a tube this also keeps the water cold and there is no worry of having to clean up if a spill occurs.
How astronauts meet their basic need of water in space:
Do astronauts need oxygen tanks in space?
No, astronauts do not need oxygen tanks in space because there is a new spacesuit that astronauts wear and oxygen can be held for a certain amount of time.
Thank you for watching!!
Extra Pictures
Video about how the food is prepared:
This is a diagram of a space suit:
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