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Alvin Omayio

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of LeSEAN McCOY

Lesean mccoy
THE beginning of lesean mccoy
McCoy was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the cow state (In July 12, 1988). His nickname is "Shady" and was given to him by his mother. His mother gave him this nickname because of his mood swings where he would one second be happy and laughing and the next second be upset and crying. He went to Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, the same high school attended by Ricky Watters. A former football player.

As a sophomore in college, he once rushed for 406 yards in a game. As a junior he ran for 2,828 yards, and scored 35 touchdowns, and was rewarded Associated Press Class AAAA player of the year,and also won Offensive MVP of the Mid-Penn Commonwealth Conference. As a high school senior, he won first team Class AAAA Associated Press All-State; During his senior season, McCoy was determined to stay with the University of Miami. However, grade issues and a broken ankle led McCoy to attend prep school at Milford Academy in New Berlin, New York for the 2006–07 school year. He had been invited to play in the Big 33 Football Classic and the U.S. Army All-American Bowl that year, but ultimately did not participate in those games as he was still recovering from his injury. Following a coaching change at Miami, McCoy committed to the University of Pittsburgh on February 16, 2007.
At the 2008 State College NIKE Training Camp, McCoy recorded a 4.23 forty yard dash, the fastest time of the 40 yard dash at the event.

LeSEAN McCOY NFL rookie year in the Eagles
When McCoy got drafted to Eagles on June 29,2009, he started playing as a starter against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 27, 2009. When the Eagles had to bench there regular starter, Brian Westbrook due to an ankle injury. He scored his first touchdown in the first quarter of the game on a five-yard rush. McCoy was also the running back starter against the New York Giants on November 1, 2009. He carried the ball eleven times for 82 yards and a touchdown and caught two passes for ten yards. Brian Westbrook sustained a concussion against San Diego, and McCoy was called on again to be the starter running back in a game against the Chicago Bears. He rushed 20 times for 99 yards and he also scored one touchdown, as the Eagles won the game 24–20.
On December 20, 2009 against the San Francisco 49ers, McCoy broke the all-time Eagles rookie rushing record with 606 yards on the year. The record was previously set by Correll Buckhalter with 586 yards in 2001. Also in December, the New York Daily News wrote about the top ten rookies in 2009. McCoy was listed fourth on the list. He was only 21 hwen this happened this

The downfall of lesean mccoy
During LeSEAN senior year of high school in 2005, McCoy suffered a serious fracture in his right ankle. McCoy, one of the top recruits in the country at the time, was devastated by his injury. Then things got worse, when his grades went downhill and several colleges stopped showing interest to him. Then his brother, former NFL wide receiver LeRon McCoy gave LeSEAN some good advice. That's when LeSean decided to transfer schools. He joined the prep school, Milford Academy for a year, focusing on school work and grade. And also healing from his devastating injury. But as strong as LeSEAN McCOY is he recovered from this horrible, dreadful injury. When his injury fully healed he went to college and started playing for the Pittsburgh Panthers .
Did you know?
LeSEAN McCOY Has The Most
Yards In The
Whole NfL!! NOW YOU KNOW!!!

LeSEAN McCOY has 123 more rushing yards than the whole New Orleans Saints! Thats pretty impresive.
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