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AFTC-Chapter 1-AF Education & Training Program

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Lori Kelly

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of AFTC-Chapter 1-AF Education & Training Program

Unit Commander (CC)
Commanders are responsible for ensuring effective training programs are established in the squadron and are executed.
Responsible for ensuring a robust, mission-oriented training program is established
Plans, conducts and evaluates training
Uses the Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP) to manage workcenter and individual training
Develops a Master Training Plan to ensure 100% task coverage
Identifies skill-level upgrade requirements for each individual/duty position
Air Force Career Field Manager (AFCFM)
Top Member of the Career Field in the Air Force
Determines training requirements for whole career field
Identifies core tasks, qualification task and other specialized training
Monitors Air Force Specialty (AFS) to ensure airmen meet qualification requirements
Base 3S2 Functional Manager (FM)
At Eielson AFB, the Base 3S2 FM has assumed all of the duties normally completed by Base Training Manager
OPR for training programs for units serviced by the base regardless of the functional area
Ensures program are in place to manage upgrade, qualification, in-garrison and expeditionary training
Implements and manages training programs, policies and procedures as directed by higher headquarters
Education and Training Overview
Air Force Career Field Manager (AFCFM)
Base BTM/3S2 Functional
Unit Commander
Unit Training Manager
Chapter 1 - Air Force Education and Training Program
MAJCOM Career Field Manager
Top Member of the Career Field in the Major Command (MAJCOM)
Focal point for skill development
Overall responsible for management and effectiveness of command's training programs
Responsible for development, implementation and assessment of programs for personnel in their command
Identifies specific tasks required for command, used in addition to AFCFM directed tasks
Unit Training Manager (UTM)
UTMs are the commander's key staff member responsible for the overall management of the squadron's training program
Implements and manages training program, policies and procedures as directed by higher headquarters
UTMs are the POCs for the unit
Most important person in training

Actively participates in all opportunities for training
Obtains and maintains knowledge, qualifications and the appropriate skill-level
Budgets on- and off-duty time to complete assigned tasks
Request assistance from supervisor, trainer and UTM when having difficulty with any part of training
Attend the Air Force Training Course
Maintains qualifications in required tasks
Records task qualifications according to prescribed instructions when trainee performs a task to required standards
Plans, conducts and documents training
Develops evaluation tools
Prepare and use teaching outlines or task breakdowns
Attend the Air Force Training Course
Have the prerequisite knowledge of the task requiring evaluation
Evaluate training and certifies qualifications
Briefs trainee, trainer and supervisor on results
Must be a SSgt with 5-skill level or civilian equivalent
Request assistance from supervisor or UTM when necessary
Trainer Characteristics
Communicative Ability
"Continuous effort -- not strength or intelligence -- is the key to unlocking our potential."
-- Liane Cardes
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