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Under Pressure

Body image and the media

Liz Chassey

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Under Pressure

Was it always this way?
What is
body image?

Are you a Barbie girl?
October 2013
The media:
Our unrealistic reality
The skinny on skinny
Eating disorders
Barbie's dirty secrets
Thank you!
A complex issue
“Every society has a way of torturing its women, whether by binding their feet or by sticking them into whalebone corsets.

What contemporary American culture has come up with is designer jeans.”
"A subjective picture of one's own physical appearance established both by self-observation and by noting the reactions of others."
80% of college women experience body dissatisfaction.
For example:
It all started with standard sizing.
The first popular weight loss book
We know the media is dominated by "beautiful people".
But that's just the tip of the iceberg.
How to approach such a sensitive issue?
Quick facts
The images in the media affect this picture and cause body dissatisfaction & body image disturbance.
Dr. Anne Becker's study in Fiji
The introduction of TV caused
*Not just being aware of sociocultural pressures, making the thin ideal your goal
thin ideal internalization
*Proven to be linked with both body image disturbance and disordered eating
90% of women & girls diet.
Some statistics:
But women aren't the only ones who suffer.
While fat is still the enemy, muscularity is the goal.
Muscle dysmorphia
"Adonis complex"
Dangerous obsession with muscles
Looking at muscular men in ads is proven to cause body dissatisfaction.
The body is and has been portrayed as something inhibiting and inescapable.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
So, when did skinny become beautiful?
A. It's always been this way.
B. During the Victorian era.
C. The 1920s.
D. the 1960s-1970s.
C. The 1920s.
It has been around for a while, but is NOT human nature.
Fashion and teen magazines and even parenting books
Diet pills and plans
"Nobody loves a fat girl."
Music videos
Videos like these perpetuate 2 things:
At the same time, they accept only one kind of masculinity as "correct".
These women are not only expected to be sexy, but sex objects.
1. Only women who look and behave in this way receive male attention.

2. This attention is needed and ok.
Men are expected to look like these men and objectify women like they do in order to be "real men".
The average healthy body fat for men is 10-22%.
The average male model has 7-10% body fat.
On average, how much are models underweight?
A. 5%
B. 10%
C. 20%
C. 20%
Being 15% underweight is a criteria used to diagnose anorexia.
25 years ago, models were 8% thinner than the average woman.
Today, it is 23%.
Less than 5% of women can be as thin as models.
The objectification of women is bad for men, too.
Objectification and unrealistic images
Double-Edged Sword
Unrealistic images
Fitness is a business.
It has been proven that looking at fitness magazines causes body dissatisfaction in men.
They preach "health" and "moderation", but advertise diet supplements and appetite suppressants.
Which is more beautiful?
It is humanly impossible to look like this, but these images are presented to us as "normal".
Ann Taylor
A Playgirl model in 1976 would need to lose 12 pounds of fat and gain 27 pounds of muscle to model today.
What percentage of women around the world describe themselves as beautiful?
"New Girl"
Filippa Hamilton
A. 30%
B. 16%
C. 10%
D. 4%
D. 4%
2% more than in 2004
72% of girls 10-17 feel "tremendous" pressure to be beautiful.
This is not a freak show.
4-9% of college women have eating disorders,
34-67% are on subthreshold levels.
The enemy is flab and protuberance, not all over fat.
Control and lack thereof
There is actually a very small difference in number of men & women who suffer.
Comorbidity & excessive exercise
Disordered eating
Slumber Party Barbie, 1965
Katie Halchishick
co-founder of Healthy is the New Skinny
Life in plastic is not so fantastic.
Galia Slayen with her creation.
Barbie would be
tall, would weigh
lbs and have a
bust, an
hips and a size
She would have a BMI of 16.24, which fits the criteria for anorexia.

She would be too underweight to menstruate.
G.I. Joe is detrimental, too.
If he was 5' 10", he would have bigger biceps than any bodybuilder ever.
A history of skinny
Thank you!
Kate Moss
Now, go start a revolution.
Skinny shaming is a thing, too.
Joel Yager, M.D.
Andrew Dixon, Certified Personal Trainer
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