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Tarta Design

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Tarta Design

Open Design Italia: PREZI Award, MUSE Award
Custom Aesthetics
Tarta Design was born in Udine, Italy, in 2010.
Thanks to its modular structure and to the harmonic steel springs that compose the central column, the backrest bends and perfectly follows the body conformation; this gives greater freedom of movement while keeping the correct posture.
Tarta® backrests can be highly regulated.
We have the possibility to create personalized models, adapting the backrest until its conformation best fits each client.
Furthermore, every Tarta® backrest has different characteristics.
Differentiating our products we can satisfy needs and requirements of each client, finding the best combination case by case.
Tarta® backrests are thought for their functionality as well as for their beauty.
Our products present a balanced mix of high technology and captivating design.
Possibilities of custom design our backrests allow each user to deeply personalize the product, giving complete ownership on the image, until it becomes a real expression of their own personality.
Bright colors, diverse textures, aerograph coloring of logos and images... these are only a few of the virtually endless combination to decorate and personalize your backrest.
Tarta® backrests are thought to provide comfort and wellbeing to a whole range of users, from people living with disabilities to people working and sitting all day in an office.
Indeed, these backrests are in the market like a universal product, transversally used in all fields: it is possible to personalize the seating to different extents up to a complete custom experience.
Virtually, Tarta® backrests suits all different models of seating.
We are looking for manufacturers who use our backrests in their products.
Possible collaborations could be with designers, architects, chair manufacturers...
To always create new prototypes and to study innovative solutions, we created the TartaLab.
This space includes various areas dedicated to photography, 3D modelling and 3D printing. This means allows us to follow after the most advanced technologies and minimize times of prototyping.
We are a young enterprise but we are already highly specialized in our field and this is already taking us to rewarding achievements!
We believe in the quality of Made in Italy and we support it keeping every step of our production in Italy, from designing to assembling.
Special mention for Section “Accessibility”, Well Tech Award Milano
Section “Product design” Reddot design award
Design and prototype assembly: Tarta Design
Production & Assembly: Triveneto Region
Custom model assembly: Tarta Design
We are growing and...
Thanks to the flexible structure and the ergonomic pads, Tarta® backrest are soft and light.
Comfort comes from the combination of the various technologies that Tarta® brings together, making these backrests a product of excellence that differentiate us from our competitors and sets the pace of technological advances in the field.
Tarta Design Backrests are created to adapt to our body and improve our posture.
They are conceptualized and designed by a team of experts and orthopedics, specialized in posture, these products offer high performance in terms of comfort and a captivating design, following the philosophy “one design for all”.
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