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No description

Kristian Corpuz

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Xiuhtecuhtili

Xiuhtecuhtli The turquoise god Aztec Calendar Interesting Facts Appears in different forms The name "Xiuhtecuhtli's" means different things. He was known for many things He was the central god of the fire ceremony which is held every 52 years. He linked all the realms together Representing Geography Xiuhtecuhtli rose from a hearth from "Mictlan", the Aztec underworld. He passed through earth and the heavens in the form of a fiery pillar. This fire held the universe together, if it was to die everything would crumble. In doing so, he stands at the center of the world. In the tonalpohualli (260-day ritual calendar)
Xiuhtecuhtli was the patron god of the day,"Atl"( water) Xiuhtecuhtli is usually seen as a young deity. But in his spirit form he
is portrayed as a Fire Serpent. He also has appears as an elderly man with the name "Huehueteotl". His part of his name, "xiuhuitl" means three different things. It means year, the mineral turquoise and finally, it means fire. He is known for being the god of fire, the god or year and the turquoise god. Xiuhtecuhtli was known for being the god of fire,day and heat. He was expressed to be the lord of volcanoes. Also, he was considered to be the personification of life after death. Warmth in the cold, the light in the shadows and food during poverty are other things he was known for.
Importance to the Aztec Played a vital role in the Aztec cosmology Creator of all life Xiuhtecuhtli and his female counterpart, Chantico was thought to be a representation of the heavenly creator, Ometecuhtli. His annual festival is held in the 18th veintena(20-day period). In the festival quails are sacrificed and Xiuhtecuhtli's priests would dance and sing for their god. Xiuhtecuhtli had a very vital role in Aztec cosmology. He was also thought to be the progenitor of all Aztec gods. As mentioned, he was the god of year and time.
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