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No description

Brandalyn Price

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Dehumanized

Brandalyn Price
Were all slaves treated so badly?
Not all slaves were treated awful, some slave owners loved their slaves and considered them part of their family.
However some were very bad, it just depended
They were brought here during the slave trade.
The were taken and put on ships and sent to ports in America
when they arrived at the ports they were separated from their families and loved ones and sold to different farmers.
many of times even the children would be separated from their mothers at very young ages.
Slavery affected African Americans both mentally and physically because of the abuse they endured from their slave owners, they also experienced emotional trauma by being separated from their families and loved ones throughout their lives.
Background on Beloved
Why did I chose my topic?
I chose my topic to be over slavery and its effects
Beloved is about a family who was devastated by slavery.
Sethe is the main character in the novel Beloved. She lived a very rough life. She lost all but one of her children, her husband and almost everyone she cared about.
Baby Suggs
She is Sethes mother-in-law and they worked on the same farm together and when Sethe escaped she lived with her. Baby Suggs also lost everyone she cared about. She had eight children and only was able to ever know one of them.
Paul D
Paul D also worked on the farm with Sethe and Baby Suggs, they were all really great friends. He suffered a lot of abuse throughout his life along with the others.
Denver is Sethe's only child still around or living. She never had to experience slavery but living with her family that has, has really messed her up.
How did the slaves get to America?
slaves riding on the boats
Slaves being sold
Two types of main abuse
Worked to death
Given bad living conditions
Treated as if they were as low as animals
They didn't see them as humans as all.
They felt to low that they believed the way they were being treated was how things should be.
Long Term effects from slavery abuse
They lost themselves
The slaves forgot what it was like to feel important and loved, they forgot what it was like to be respected as people.
Their mindset was changed by the way they were treated
It was written in their minds that they were property to other people and that is the only thing they were.
Not only the slaves but the whites as well.

The slaves lost their compassion from always losing the people they cared about, so slowly they stopped caring to save themselves from being hurt
The whites lost theirs from being being able to treat other human beings the way that they did and they believed that it was okay.
Even the whites raised their children to believe that the blacks were beneath them.
They lost lost their compassion
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