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'The Pizza' presentation

No description

Matt Fischard

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of 'The Pizza' presentation

Five underachievers make jokes, enemies,
and sometimes, pizza
in a quirky workplace sitcom.
ITVFest (LA)- Showcases Webseries & original TV Pilots which are Independently produced
-Media coverage: Variety and The Hollywood Reporter
New York Television Festival (NYC)- Independent Pilot Competition gives voice to Independent Television and Web content producers (IFC, FX, offers among its awards development deals and script contracts)
Monte-Carlo Television Festival- Cannes equivalent
for Television, star-studded Festival geared towards
currently established shows seen during the
Primetime TV hours and on leading Networks
-Serves as an ultimate goal for the show to
eventually reach, if The Pizza does actually
achieve a certain point of success
J Tesler, Executive Director of ITVFest: “ITVFest will allow people who have previously had little or no access to television decision makers the forum for which they have tirelessly strived.” 
Glenn Howerton, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is kind of the spirit of what ITVFest is all about.  It’s a way for people who don’t have ins within the industry to get seen.”   FOX Present Kevin Reilly on announcing NY TV Festival Competition: “The future of our industry lies in the stories that we tell, so it’s incredibly important that we continue to find and nurture undiscovered writing talent.”
Pilot Timeline Nielsen Ratings- Measure overall TV viewers by combination Ratings Points and Shares
Points: Size involves amount of chosen households (within an audience sample whose Cable Boxes are "tracked") actually watching a given program SHARES: Total number of TV’s used at that time. (Very small sample, approx.) Age/Demographic range of data, 18-49 bracket most important= ADVERTISING Ratings tie in with Marketing and Outreach since the campaigns are based on targeted Audience/Demographic
Single-Camera Situation Comedies Sitcom Rating Statistics Festival Quotes Television Festivals 2003-2006: Arrested Development (FOX):
- Maximum 6 Million Viewers during entire run
- Averaged 4 Million Viewers Total, Cancelled
- Time Slot: Always changed

2000-Present: Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO):
- 2009 Seinfeld Reunion Highest audience at 1.6 Million
- Time Slot: Sunday 9PM

2005-Present: The Office (NBC)
- Spiked in Seasons 2-5 (9 Million)
- Averages 8 Million Viewers
- Time Slot: Thursday 9PM

2005-Present: Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)
- 2010 Season 6 Ratings High
- About 2.2 Million Viewers Total (with 1.8 in 18-49)
- Time Slot: Thursday 10PM

2009-Present: Parks and Recreation (NBC)
- Season 2 Ratings/Share: 2.5/7 (18-49 Demo)
- Season 3 6.2 Million Viewers after 8-month hiatus
- Time Slot: Thursday 9:30PM Multi-Camera/ Studio Comedies 1990-1998: Seinfeld (NBC)
- Top Rated Show 1994-1995 &1997-1998
- 9 Seasons 12-22 Million
- Syndication
- Time Slot: Thursday 9PM

1996-2005: Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
- Series Fin. 20.2 Household/33 Million /11.2 Rating (18-49)
- Seasons 4-9 Top Ten Ratings
- Time Slot: Monday 8:30PM

2003-Present: Two and a Half Men (CBS)
- 13-16 Million Viewers
- Time Slot: Monday 9PM

2005-Present: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
- High 11.85 Million Viewers
- 6 Seasons between 8-10 Million
- Time Slot: Monday 8PM

2007-Present:The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
- S1 (8 Million +), S2 (10 M.),
S3 (14 M. +), S4 (13 M. +)
- Time Slot: Thursday 9PM
Network or Cable
for The Pizza? The Pizza suited to NETWORK distribution, benefit from COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING geared towards specific 18-49 demographic.

CABLE often difficult for young adults to afford…Availability of the common NETWORK would make viewership easier on a grander scale.

Success often gauged by Promotional Value implemented towards bringing attention to a particular project.

Promotion/Marketing through incessant commercials (during similar programs) provides an advantage over CABLE, which is devoid of this effective tactic.

The Pizza needs venue that gives the worthy comedy the best opportunity to “get seen”.

The Pizza’s familiar pizzeria environment; a simple setting that networks thrive on showing (i.e. Friends “Central Perk”, Seinfeld Monks, How I Met Your Mother MacLaren’s, Grey’s Anatomy Joe’s Bar, Arrested Development Bluth’s Banana Stand, etc.), drawing NETWORK viewers to material that reminds them of their favorite sitcoms Distribution Imagine
Entertainment Arrested
Development Ron Howard (Director) and Brian Grazer (Producer)

Separate division solely dedicated to Television content

In association with 20th Century Fox

Shaky handheld camera technology, realistic approach (no laugh track) emits a documentary-style ambiance that tends to thrive on improvisation and essential character relationships (Friday Night Lights, 24, Parenthood, Arrested Development)

Strong presence on major Television networks (NBC, FOX)

Viable option in terms of corresponding Television products; however, the only constraint is the massive competition that is guaranteed when dealing with such a high profile company
Pertinent environmental and conceptual format

Chemistry-driven character interactions

Fast-paced dialogue uninterrupted by the forceful laugh track 

Sarcastic/pessimistic comedic tone

Hand-held/mockumentary filming technique 

Dedicated fan following

Award recognition (Emmy’s & Golden Globes)

Time Magazine’s “ 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME”

Might have experienced longer life span if aired today

Style: Real-world feeling, improvisation, film-like, immersive
Location: Physical on-location
Budget: Expensive due to location/production costs, longer to film
Channel: Network, cable broadcast
Genre: Mockumentary, situational comedy, scripted dramas as well
Setup: One moving camera, 'handheld shaky cam'
Qualities: Character interviews break fourth wall
Non-existent laugh track
(Audiences creates genuine reaction to onscreen action) Single Camera Style: Live action experience, sound stage, one set at a time
Location: LA studio with live audience
Budget: Cheaper, shorter production length
Channel: Network (CBS most prominent)
Genre: Scripted sitcoms/situational comedy
Setup: Eye level, multiple cameras, three-wall set, open fourth wall
Qualities: Fourth wall not broken
Laugh track used to simulate live audience reaction
(Forces audience to laugh at specific moments) Studio Setup September
2010 November
2010 February
2011 April
2011 Funding
secured NYC cast
readthrough Cast/crew
confirmed Flights/hotel
booked Second read-
through Preproduction
in Minnesota Shooting Editing Festival
Submissions ITV fest
in LA NYTV festival
in New York May 24 - 28
2011 May 28 - June 4
2011 June 6 - 16
2011 July
2011 August
2011 September
2011 Marketing Media Campaigns The Mission:
Partner with organizations that cater to The Pizza's themes and episodic story issues Comedy Clubs and Improv groups Universities Pizza Restaurants and Small Businesses Partnerships Glit Group Groupon Universities Establish The Pizza Online Blog Website Facebook Youtube Twitter High: Ideally, The Pizza will have a one season run on a cable or network channel Medium:Our mid range goal for The Pizza is to garner a development deal with a television production company or network. Low: If Pizza fails to gain a television development or distribution deal, the producers will look to the web to self-release the pilot and all other episodes filmed. The great thing about shooting a television pilot with The Pizza is that the medium allows for a multitude of distribution options not only on television, but also on the web. Indeed, the internet is proving to be the new and evolving frontier for experimental and avant-garde episodic comedy. From FunnyorDie.com to MyDamnChannel.com, the avenues for web-based distribution are various. Online, The Pizza would have the opportunity to develop without the restrictions placed on television content. Also, the show would remain in the sole creative control of its creators as opposed to being subjected to the opinions of television and network executives. Projections Pizza Delicata: means delicate but also witty, the show is funny but with a edgy/witty humor

Pizza Tiarmiasu: means cheer me up, this comedy series is going to make you laugh for real

Pizza Nutella: as addictive as the show

Pizza Margherita: means classic
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