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Illegal ivory trade

No description

Michael Corvello

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Illegal ivory trade

Well Known Loses
In kenya a poacher took down a well know elephant named Torn Ear, with a poisoned arrow.
If We Lose Them
conservation efforts
Illegal Ivory Trade
June 9th, 1989 congress passed The African Elephant Conservation Act, banning ivory trade
Elephant's Falling Numbers
elephant's numbers have been dropping at a rapid pace scince the 1930's, there are only around 500,000 African elephants left, down from around 5 million.
African Elephants
What is ivory used for?
piano keys
hair accessories
In Mozambique WWF helped goverment estabilish national park, larger then 2,300 sq. miles.
Sells for $1,500 per pound
An estimated 350,000 to 500,000 african elephants lose their lives because of poaching for illegal ivory trade
This graphic shows how elephant’s numbers have been on a major decline since the 1930’s, because of poaching.

statistics show that an estimated 100 elephants are poached, a day.
One of Tsavo National Park's well know elephant was taken down by the same weapon
By: Jessica D'Amico
elephants are a vital part of Africa's ecosystem because:

open forests to create grasslands
dig to give other animals access to water
they are sometimes called
the mega gardeners of the forest
"We advocate for large conservation landscapes like KAZA."
An organization called TRAFFIC "manages a global record of ivory seizures"
ETIS (Elephant Trade Information System,) helps identify important places where this illegal trade takes place.
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