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Is PowerPoint Evil?

No description

Emilie Miazga

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Is PowerPoint Evil?

In some ways, PowerPoint is extremely helpful. Pros In other ways, PowerPoint is dumbing down presentations. Cons Is PowerPoint Evil? Conclusion While PowerPoint is a helpful tool as a supplement, it should not be used to replace the content of a report or detract from it in any way. PowerPoint can help organize information easily. This can help you write a report quickly and make the information accesible to everyone. PowerPoint can help you make a more visual presentation. This might make your information more appealing and/or interesting. PowerPoint slides can be meaningless if there is not enough information on them, or if the information is not researched well enough. People sometimes use slides to hide the fact that their content is lacking. PowerPoint can take the place of writing an actual report. This does not fully enable learning. Reports should start in writing and possibly take the form of a PowerPoint, not vice versa.
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