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Career Development Plan

No description

Miguel García

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan
The Career Development Plan helps you take responsibility for managing your career and building your knowledge and skills.

As a part of the annual review process, you are encouraged to complete the Career Development Plan and send to your career counselor in advance of your annual review discussion.

The Career Development Plan contains the following sections to help you think about your career:
Personal Engagement List
Career Goals
Development Plan
Personal Engagement List
The Personal Engagement List is your evaluation of what is personally important and what drives your engagement at work. It is used to prioritize where you, your supervisor, and your career counselor should focus to achieve your optimal career experience.
Take time to think through what is important to you and your level of satisfaction.
Keep in mind that what is important to you may change over time and that’s ok.
Use the comments fields to explain your priorities and to provide ideas on how to improve your engagement

Career Goals
The Career Goals section includes five key questions to help you think through where you are in your career and where you’d like to be in the future:
What do you believe are your top strengths?
What type of work do you like to do?
What are your short-term (0-2 years)
What are your long-term (2+ years) career goals?
What skills and experiences do you need to develop to meet your career goals?

Development Plan
The Development Plan section is where you document specific actions you will take to develop your knowledge and skills, and to progress in your career.

Think about areas of specialization or skills needed to enable your goals and certifications you are pursuing.
Think about potential obstacles or barriers in achieving your actions and how to overcome them.
Identify the type of help or support you need to implement your action plan.
Set target start and end dates for when you will complete each action.
Keep the development plan updated, recording the completion of your actions and the outcome
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