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Wendy Mass Biography

No description

Leah Hannah

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Wendy Mass Biography

Bibliography Wendy Mass doesn't think her characters are unique-
"I don’t think my characters are really so unique—only in the way that all people are unique. Like we’re all a mix of different personality traits." Interesting Facts "I wrote my first short story in 5th grade, and was hooked! I co-wrote it with my 2 sisters and it was about our cat who turned into a goat and broke into the neighbor’s house!" Path to Becoming a Writer Awards and Nominations 2004 Schneider Family Book Award in the middle-grade category by the American Library Association- A Mango-Shaped Space Mass, Wendy. "Quoting Quotes." Quoting Quotes
RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 May 2013. <http://quotingquotes.com/21707/>. Wendy Mass A Biography by Leah Schwartz and Hannah Rozenson "The oversized chairs are white; the walls, covered with occasional landscape paintings, are white; and the plush carpet is the whitest of all. I’m insanely glad I didn’t bring a cup of grape juice with me."
– Wendy Mass The Candymakers
Every Soul A Star
Heaven Looks a Lot
Like the Mall
A Mango-Shaped Space
Leap Day
Jeremy Fink and the
Meaning of Life Willow Falls Series 11 Birthdays Finally 13 Gifts Twice Upon A Time Series Rapunzel- The One With All the Hair

Sleeping Beauty- The One Who Took the Really Long Nap

Beauty and the Beast- The One Who Didn't Run Away In fourth grade, Wendy's favorite song was called "Seasons in the Sun" In High School, Wendy wrote the essay's for her friend's college applications A teen synesthete told Wendy Mass that her name was a purplish red, kind of like a maroon color with a thin stripe of electric yellow at the top of the letters. Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life Jeremy Fink finds a box
His mission for the summer is to find the keys to the mysterious box that his dad left him. "Four keys.
Two friends.
One Answer." A Mango-Shaped Space In this book, Mia, the main character has synesthesia. What is Synesthesia? : a subjective sensation or image of a sense (as of color) other than the one (as of sound) being stimulated 2004 & 2005 New York Public Library’s Best Books for the Teen Age 2011-2012 National Home School Book Award The Candymakers The Candymakers is about four kids who have to make their own new candy for a contest to become the next new Master Candymaker. If you could make any candy, what would it be made of and what would you name it? Books By Wendy Mass... Thejust. "Author-Wendy Mass." Teen Ink. N.p.,
n.d. Web. 10 May 2013. <http://www.teenink.com/nonfiction/celebrity_interviews/article/256526/Author-Wendy-Mass/>. Mass, Wendy. "Wendy Mass – Author." Wendy
Mass. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 May 2013. <http://www.wendymass.com/>. Mass, Wendy. "What Is LEAP DAY BY WENDY
MASS?" What Is LEAP DAY BY WENDY MASS? N.p., n.d. Web. 10 May 2013. <http://mrwhatis.com/leap-day-by-wendy-mass.html>. Writing Style Realistic fiction with a hint of fantasy
Very unique characters
Conflicts are often very imaginative, unusual and creative
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