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Beliefs about suffering & life after death according to hinduism

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Irma Perez

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Beliefs about suffering & life after death according to hinduism

Beliefs about suffering & life after death according to Hinduism I will be talking about Alexandra Cortez who is 22 years old. I will tell two stories, one were she does good deeds and another were she does bad deeds. First one is how she died when she overdose on milk. Alexandra is from India where their main religion is Hinduism.And they belive in karma, a nirvana is the ignorance that is caused by our fear and dsire.They say partying is a way of leading you to do more bad things. Which lead to a bad rebirth. One day alexandra decides to go out to a party, after her parents strickly did not give her permission. Which means she lied and her list of bad deeds started. She sneeks outside as her friends are patiently waiting. She hopes in the car and their on there way to the party. She decied to drink milk, and she didnt realize how she was drinking to much that she overdosed and died right there at the party. And right now she is not making inner peace from the situation besudes making it worst. Story 1 Story 2 So she is reborn with bad karma and it determines her past lives and her next one, so what happens was becomes a zombie. Another situation Alexandra could of put her self in is, she could of just obayed her parents like a good girl and not go to the party. which would of helped her be reborn with good karma not much nirvana. Alexandra did as she was told, she didnt go to the party instead she decided to stay home and study for a test she had at school the next day. I think the little bit of brahman in her helped her. Next day she wakes up early gets ready for school, and is ready to do her test that she has been studing all night for. She runs into her friend and tell hers how someone died at the party overdosing on milk! She couldnt beleive it that person could of been her, she fells bad for the person that died and really thanks her parents for not letting her go. She moves on go to class and passes her test, she is proud of herself and shows her family her grade. They were proud as well and so inatead of er being that person dieng and being reborn into a zombie she was reborn with good karma. and she has alot more to come.
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