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Achievements of Ancient Rome

Lesson plan discussing the achievements of ancient Rome.

John Batch

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Achievements of Ancient Rome

Achievements of Ancient Rome Roman History: Lesson 4 12 Tables Achievements A Massive Empire Through years of warfare and countless military campaigns the small city-state of Rome comes to conquer a massive Empire. Maintained that all citizens were equal under the law and innocent until proven guilty Let's review the 12 tables Roads-
-“All roads lead to Rome”
-created an extensive network of roads to connect their empire

- Brought water into the city
- Ancient Rome had eleven major aqueducts, built between 312 B.C.
and 226 A.D.the longest (Anio Novus) was 59 miles long.

- Arches, Columns, Domes (Pantheon), Arenas (Colussium)

The calendar we use today with 365 days in a year, is based on the one developed by Julius Caesar.
All the months of the year take their named from the Roman months.
Some days of the week are named after Roman Gods.
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