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By Amy Reed

Lucero Garcia

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Beautiful

Beautiful Amy Reed Cassie, a seventh grader, is the new girl in school. She lived her whole life in a tiny town but just moved to a suburb of Seattle. Where no one knows her or know how she really is. She is the good girl with good grades but when she moves to Seattle this to be careless for her. "I'm supposed to stand up now. I'm supposed to leave the pizza and the smart girls and go with the girl named Alex to the people who want to meet me" Meets with Alex, who would become her "Best Friend." Alex is not a good influence for Cassie, but Cassie still follow her. "'Just give me a cigarette." he pulls one out and hands it to me. "My dear." he says, and offers to light it. I put it in my mouth and suck like I've seen my mom do.' Alex takes Cassie to the world of drugs, sex, secrets, and cruelty. Cassie goes along to what Alex tells her to do forgetting that everything has consequences. "Yo Casy.
Why R u so shy?
p.s. I think your hot." Thanks to Alex, Cassie meet Ethan. Who will later become her boyfriend. Cassie did not loved Ethan but she loved being with the coolest guy in school. Who was older than her and had his own car. He send her a note the first time he saw he. Member Member Member Member Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... Alex lives with her mom, her brother lives in Portland, and her dad suicide. But she has a sister just a year younger than her and Cassie. Sarah would come and lived with Alex and her mom because her dad went to jail for being a pedophile. she family was not very happy. Cassie and Sarah becomes really good friends, Alex doesn't like this because she wants to have total control of Cassie and Sarah. Cassie has the Expanded and Advanced classes. No one in her class talks to her but Justin. Justin the boy that no one in school likes. Cassie only talks to him because he sits next to her and because he gives her Ritalin, a drug that she shares with Alex and Sarah. Cassie also talk to Justin because he lets her copy in class and the homework. One weekend, Cassie and Alex went to a Party just as they did the other weekends. But this was a little different since Cassie didn't know where it was and she didn't know no one but Alex. They both got drugged then Cassie got out the party and started walking until she didn't know where she was and she is really scared. She calls home at midnight so her mom could go and pick her up where she was. But the one that answers is her dad but he still goes for her. "There is a 7-Eleven across the street with a pay phone. The pay phone will call my house. My mom will answer the phone. she will pick me up. She will hate me, but only temporarily, and she will pick me up" "All i had to do was ask him if i could copy his homework, even though i didn't need to, even though I'm probably smarter than he is. During Christmas break Cassie told Sarah that she had been hiding from Alex the Ritalin Justin had given her. She had only given her some but not all. Sarah promises not to tell Alex about the Ritalin. During the Christmas break Cassie get sicks and decides not to go out and forget about everyone. Later on Sarah tells her that she broke her promise and that she told Alex. Sarah is scared of Alex and of her father because he might got out of jail. Cassie tells her to go back to her house and get all her stuff so she can move in with her. Sarah does it but when Cassie call her house Alex answers and says that Sarah is gone. Cassie gets scared to know that Alex knows that she had hide the Ritalin from her. She also gets worry because she does not know anything about Sarah. She is going back to school in a few days but she does not want to because she knows that she would have problems with Alex Its Monday already and Cassie get ready to go meet up with Ethan where he would always pick her up to go to school but he never gets there so she walks to school even though she know shes late. When she walks through the halls she looks at Ethan's classroom but he looks away when he sees her, she keeps going to Sarah's classroom but she does not see her. When she get to her classroom everyone starts at her but she does not know why. Everyone is talking about her and then Justin tells that is about the rumor going on. People are saying that she had sex with the whole football team at the same time. Cassie knows that Alex was the one that started this rumor going because she had done that before. She also told other girls that Cassie had talk about them. And the other girls jumped Cassie when she got out of school. Cassie calls her mom because she does not want ot be in school anymore then she convinces her to moved her to another achool where no one would know her.
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