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Business plan

Basic Business Plan

Jan Pettersen

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Business plan

Product or service description
Development plan
Operating plan
Marketing plan
Management and ownership
Financial forecasting
Appendices 1. What is the need and who has it? 3. What are they willing to pay for
this need to be met? 2. Who is already addressing this
need? What problem will I solve?
And how will I do it? What benefits will customers get from the way you do business?
Or Why would they choose you? Financial Plan Business plan Mistakes No Structure Failing to address
a true need(market
opportunity) Value 'Inflation'
(just give the facts
& what you will
do about it) No Niche
(trying to be
all things to all people)
Who will buy and why?
How will you get it to them? Competition is good. It shows a real market exists
Exibit your strengths
Look for direct and indirect competition To long (20-30 pages) Just show how...
it solves the problem people will pay for
is better than the competition
is protected by ...
can be implemented on a reasonable budget There are always:
Market risk
Technological risk
Operational risk
Managerial risk
Legal risk Financial mistakes
Forgeting cashflow
Lack of detail
Unrealistic projections
Insuffiecient projections If you fail to plan, you plan to fail Why do you need a business plan? ... to tell someone
(yourself included)
how you are going to
run a viable business
(make money) by
addressing a need and/or solving a problem. What do you want
from this business? Concept and Value-add,
or vision and strategy What profit will you make? What does it cost to address the need? When will you break even? How are you going to address the need?
What material will you need?
Where will you get it?
Who will help you? It is a tool... Executive summary Company profile Vision and Strategy The basic structure Market and competition analysis Ask 3 Questions No risk. No Competition No "go to" strategy Too technical. ...is a term that refers broadly to the rules,
processes, or laws by which businesses are
operated, regulated, and controlled.
The term can refer to internal factors
defined by the officers, stockholders or
constitution of a company, as well as to
external forces such as consumer groups,
clients, and government regulations. Corporate governance Run it by an expert! Be clear that you
understand it! Operations
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