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Otis Boykin

No description

Mr. Parke

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Otis Boykin

otis Bobby boykin
Otis Boykin's famous inventons
Otis boykin was the famous inventor of artificial heart pacemaker,electrical resistor for computers, radios, televisions and an assortment of other electronic devices. He had patented 28 electronic devices
Otis's life comes to an end
Otis Boykin was born in Dallas, Texas 1920. Otis attended Washington high school. Otis soon went to Fisk university
Otis's greatest ocopishment

Otis's family
Otis's mother was a homemaker
Otis had 1 child her name was carmen and she died of heart failure
Otis Boykin's meets his future
Otis Boykin dropped out of college for a job oppotunity where he was discovered and mentored by Dr. Hal F. Fruth. Dr. had a laboratory where he worked
Otis's childhood
Otis Boykins college life
Otis went to Fisk university. He later moved to Chicago where he studied at Illinois Institute of Technology
Otis earned his first patent in 1959 for a wire precision resistor, which allowed for the designation of a precise amount of resistance for a specific purpose. Then in 1961 he patent for an electrical resistor that was both inexpensive and easy to produce which made it a big hit.
By: Amira Bailey
Otis died of heart failure in Chicago in 1982. Otis may not have lived forever but his work will.
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